“Please an ice cream sundae” aka Engrish vol.1

It’s not a big secret that in Japan and other — especially Asian — countries English gets a little mixed up sometimes, due to pronunciation differences (L/R, V/B) and the trust they put into machine translators such as Google Translate. You might be surprised to see how many official documents, websites, notices etc. were written using the good ole Google engine. I’m not really even sure where clothes designers get their ideas from, but some of the t-shirt prints I have found in Japan were pure gold! Not that all of them have text with mistakes plastered all over them, sometimes it’s just something a tad bit funny or interesting…or unusually bold considering it’s Japan. There’s something quaintly charming about these oddly phrased designs, I just can’t stop grinning when I find a good one. I made a compilation of my favourites that I have found so far, and I’m sure this won’t be my last blog showing off some of these gems.


So this fashionable and rather pricy (7000 yen eeep!) t-shirt says “Poop out” and “nobady”.

Trust nobady. Poop out nobady.


I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable wearing this rather bold message on my chest…


This one just had to be mine. I regret no single yen spent on it.


Have you ever seen any more helpful, more considerate t-shirt?


Personally, I like the message these pants try to tell us. Go hug your family if you haven’t done it today ♥


My all-time favourite ♥


What do you know about good books, you’re just a t-shirt eyyy?






My American friend tried breaking the secret code this print was written in and here’s the shocking truth he discovered! In fact it is….a stalker t-shirt!

“Always right behind you, but when you notice I’ll do something naughty!” oops…

photo 1_meitu_14

Caution: reading this print might result in a headache. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

photo 2_meitu_12

“A scoop of fresh Engrish please!”

photo 4_meitu_13

Did you guys find your favourite?

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