Cafe and Dining …”and people” – the coziest cafe in Shibuya!

I’ve been living here in Japan for about 2 years now, so I have been to a lot of really awesome places while I’ve been here.  Some of those places were rather hidden and I found them by a total coincidence,  some of them were shown to me by my lovely Japanese friends.  Actually, I would have never expected Shibuya to have such a lovely cafe as the one I want to show you here.  If you plan on visiting Tokyo or you live here and haven’t had a chance to go there yet – put it on your bucket list!


 It’s about 5 minutes on foot from Shibuya Station (Hachiko exit). All those narrow streets of Shibuya can be quite confusing if you don’t go there every single day, and even though I have been to that cafe a handful of times, I still had to use the map to find my way there. If you see a cool looking building on your left, congratulations! you are now a minute away from the cafe! You’ll see some interesting graffiti on your way to your ultimate destination. I don’t know what’s the intended message, but it looks pretty flipping awesome.



and people

新東京ビル 10−2 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042

Their website:

What they say about themselves on their website:

“and peopleは『風や緑を感じられるカフェ』 


そんな浮遊感の中でさりげない時間がゆったりと流れる “居場所” を目指しています。”

/a very liberal translation/

“Going with the concept of a place where you can experience nature, a place where you can relax; we opened and people.  With our open verandas where you can enjoy the sun and feel the light breeze during the day…with over 70 candles shimmering in the twilight…with the terrace decorated with greenery and the relaxing embrace of our sofas, we aim to make you wonder:

“Am I in a foreign country, am I in Japan?”

“Or am I in my friend’s room…or in a cafe?”

…and in this feeling of floating, where the time goes by slowly, you will think “it’s a place where I belong / I can be me”




If you get cold, you can use one of the blankets provided. How lovely ♥



I’m wondering if the decoration actually tells a story or is just a random mish-mash of things the owner found in music shops and vintage second hand stores. Well, doesn’t matter, it’s awesome.


 Elvis altar…




 MENU (click on the pic to enlarge) or check it here →

What I liked most about this cafe was their amazing range of drinks and beer cocktails. In Japanese convenience stores we can find all types of sweet cocktails like Strawberry & Peach & Mango & Calpis chuhai etc. but to my surprise, there are no fruit beers! I really miss Polish raspberry, apple, black currant flavoured beers…And I found a wide range of beer cocktails here at this cafe, which is the second best thing! White peach beer, cassis cranberry beer, maple beer, orange beer…YUMMY HEAVEN!





Let’s take a quick peek upstairs…

(I took these photos on 3 different days, that’s why the light outside is different)




Upstairs there are some lovely puffy sofas…



…and as it gets darker outside, hundreds of lights and candles are lit, creating a totally warm and cozy atmosphere.



Sakura Latte


Bergamoth Fruit and White Peach Beer



A lovely place, isn’t it! I really recommend it, if you miss this European charm.

If you go there once, you’ll definitely be back.

Thanks for reading!