How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 6

Japanese houses have super thin walls, one reason might have something to do with earthquakes and another reason is because of the endless hot and humid summers. It still surprises me to no end how Japanese people survive winters in their houses, where the temperature is not much higher than just being outside?! In the colder seasons your choices are: either freeze or turn on air conditioning (as Japanese houses don’t have a central heating system), get yourself a fan heater you can take with you wherever you go (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom — that’s what I do)  glue several disposable warmers on you, drink buckets of hot tea, get an electric blanket or get a kotatsu heated table thing. Whenever I say I’m cold, I get this surprised look and “But you’re from Poland? It’s cold there, isn’t it???” It really IS cold in winter, but it really doesn’t mean I am completely resistant to it in some sort of magical way. The thing is we have central heating everywhere, our houses are made of big bricks and are insulated quite well. Our clothes are completely different too, we’re prepared for -20 degrees in winter. Tokyo people are not. While it’s already the middle of December (and high school girls are still wearing extremely shorts skirts <no thighs!!!>), I will show you a few reasonably priced November outfits.

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/photo taken somehwere in Shinjuku/

White sweater: H&M, ¥1000

Jeans: ANAP, ¥2500

Platform sneakers: Jouetie, bought second hand at Jumble Store in Harajuku for¥3300

Neck warmer: WEGO, ¥1800




/photo taken in Harajuku by the lovely VivaRilakkuma/

Pink cropped sweater: Forever 21, ¥800

Black skinny pants: GU, ¥1490

Black jacket: H&M, ¥6900

Black boots: STYLENANDA, ¥4000




/photo taken in front of Cafe, Dining…and People — a cafe I wrote about →here←/

Sweater: bought in Hongdae, Seoul last year for about 15000 won = ¥1650

Jeans jacket: GU, ¥3000

Skirt: GU, ¥1200

Platform shoes: Nadia, bought at Mode OFF for ¥2000

Hat: GU, ¥150




/There was no one I could ask to take a photo of me and I didn’t really have time to take out my tripod, so for this outfit this shameless selfie is all I have/

Pink sweater: bought in Hongdae, Seoul, for 12000 won =¥1350

White skirt: Hyphen World Gallery, bought at Jumble Store for ¥500

Cherry belt: believe it or not, but I bought in the good ole’ Primark in London about 4 years ago, for £1 or £2!




/photo taken at one of my favourite places in Tokyo, Ueno Park/

Checkered shirt: GU, ¥1490

Skinny jeans: UNIQLO, ¥1990

Coat: bought in a shopping center in Dongdaemun, Seoul, for about ¥6300




/photo taken somewhere in Jiyugaoka after visiting a bunny cafe!/

Sweater: <same as in the picture nr 1>

Skirt: GU, ¥1490


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How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 5

If you can find oden in a convenience store in your neighbourhood, it’s high time to put your favourite high waist shorts and cropped tops in the closet. This summer in Japan was rather moody — we had to survive the heat that seemed to emanate down from the sky and the endless concrete streets of Tokyo didn’t make it any easier. And then just after that we experienced a 15 degree temperature drop the following day that might just have caused a wave of summer colds.  Finally it’s the season of our favourite over-sized sweaters, beanie hats, slouchy socks and heavy boots — hipster paradise! Add a mandatory seasonal pumpkin Starbucks coffee to it and you’ll get the quintessence of autumn fashion.

What are this autumn’s essentials every fashionista should have in their wardrobe?

…to find out what that is, check my article in the November issue of Connect Magazine!


 CLICK HERE *pages 21, 22 and 23!*

(I know that oden in convenience stores is old news already, and nobody remembers the summer heat anymore but I wrote this article way back in September and I just had to post it here, let’s just ignore the fact that it’s the middle of November right now!)

Lookbook vol. 1

Lookbook vol. 2

 Lookbook vol. 3

Lookbook vol. 4

Today, I will present you a whole ton of my October outfits. 



/photo taken in Harajuku by vivarilakkuma ♥/

white shirt: GU, something around ¥1000

black tunic: GU, around ¥900

black skinny jeans: GU, ¥1490

boots: best Jumble Store find so far, Glad News, ¥1900




/photo taken by my tripod/

black cropped top: bought at Shilin market in Taipei for 250NT = ¥940 (wow, it wasn’t that expensive in August!)

black cardigan: Forever 21, ¥1500?

The black boots you’ll see in the following photos, because they were the only boots I took with me to Korea and I think they’re awesome: STYLENANDA, original price about ¥6000, I paid a bit less

/the jeans shorts have made numerous appearances before so I won’t mention them again I guess/




/photo taken in EcoLand in Jeju/

black turtleneck: SPINNS, ¥1200

jeans: WEGO, ¥4000





/photo taken at a food market in Jeju/

shirt: GU, ¥500

belt: H&M, ¥1100

skirt: GU, ¥1490




/photo taken on the top of N Seoul Tower♥/

striped top: bought at a large shopping center in Dongdaemun for 5000₩ = ¥528

coat: bough at the same shopping center, for 60000₩= ¥6300




/photo taken at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul/

grey bodycon dress: Forever 21, ¥1500





/The quality of this pic is not so good, but the background is pretty badass! Jeju, Sangbangsan/

black bodycon dress: STYLENANDA, about ¥3000




/photo taken somehwere in Daikanyama/

grey neck warmer: WEGO, ¥1800

red sweater: bought in Hongdae in Seoul, 10000₩ = ¥1060

checkered skirt: GU, ¥1490

photo 2 (16)_meitu_23


 …aaaaaand this one!



/it was my last day off before going to Korea so I went shopping in Harajuku and I didn’t care much about make up or hair… Looking very plain I got asked to pose for a few fashion snapshots for FUDGE magazine, to check it out clickHERE← /

white shirt: GU, ¥1000

grey top: random shop in my town, ¥1400

black skirt: GU, ¥1200

bag: COACH, ¥22000 (I threw away all my cheap bags and treated myself to one proper bag, which I hope will last me years)

snapfusion1 snapfusion2


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How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 4 & Giveaway announcement!

I started working on the 8th of October 2012. I remember choosing a suit, I remember my first day at work. I was 22, only 4 months after graduation. Before I came to Japan I had multiple piercings and blue hair, which naturally, I had to give up on. The dress code of my company clearly states:

Women are expected to wear a dark suit (matching jacket and skirt/trousers) with a pressed collared business shirt/blouse. Any jewelry worn should be understated. Hair should be tidy. Earrings anywhere other than the ears are not acceptable. Similarly, visible tattoos are not acceptable.

  It’s the 16th of October as I’m adding this post and so guess what! This time tomorrow I will be in Korea, where I’ll spend eight awesome days traveling in Seoul and Jeju. It will be the first time since October 2012 that I won’t have to wear a suit for eight full days! You see it guys? E i g h t days! I guess it makes me more excited than it should, but I can’t help it (I had my wardrobe for Korea sorted a month ago already, that’s how completely excited I am to wear normal clothes). I will sure have a lot to post next month, but meanwhile check out my 6 rather reasonably priced outfits for September.

 You can check my previous lookbooks here:

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 Lookbook vol. 3

Lookbook vol. 4



/photo taken before I headed out to Shinagawa to get my new visa; special thanks to my tripod for being such a good cameraman/

Top: bought at Shillin market in Taipei for 250NT = ¥880

Cardigan: bought at Zhongshan Station mall for 190NT = ¥670

Favourite ripped jeans: WEGO, about ¥4000

Shoes: Jeanasis, about ¥6000





/photo taken at Tokyo National Museum in Ueno/

Top: Wego, ¥800

Skirt: GU, ¥1200

photo 1 (13)_meitu_4




/photo taken at Akihabara/

Dress: ANAP, around ¥3000

Boots: STYLENANDA, they cost about ¥6000 BUT! This review I did on STYLENANDA’s fake tattoos and nail stickers was chosen the best review and I got a coupon for ¥2000! I used it straight away, so in fact I paid ¥4000 for nice boots YAY!

Hat: random hat shop in Shibuya 109, ¥1600. That one time I thought I’d look good in a hat… I was wrong.

photo 2 (14)_meitu_5





/photo taken in Shibuya, near Cafe, Dining and People cafe I wrote about here/

top: BOY LONDON (bought here in Tokyo for a little over ¥3000, so I can’t really be sure of its authenticity)

Jacket: GU, ¥3000

Skinny pants: probably UNIQLO,¥1998

photo 1 (13)_meitu_3





/favourite September coordinate; photo taken in Roppongi at the Polish Festival ♥/

Top: WEGO, ¥500

Shirt: Heaven and Earth, bought on sale for ¥1000

Skinny pants: GU, ¥1500






/take a look at my new fabulous header on the top of this page; photo taken in Shibuya/

Shirt: GU, ¥1500

Skirt: GU, ¥1500




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A small announcement!

Maybe some of you remember I’ve mentioned a few times that I’d like to hold a giveaway for my readers, just to say thank you to all of you guys. I started blogging 5 months ago and I have received so many positive comments, thanks so much! All I’d like you to do is to like my FB page (that way I’ll know you really are following my blog and you’re not participating in the giveaway only for the noms) and answer this very difficult question: When did I come to Japan? You don’t need to share any photos on your timeline, just comment under the photo on my FB profile or send me a private message with the answer. You have time until the 24th of October, that’s when I’ll be back from Korea.

Shichijyuuni Blog FB page 

And this is what one lucky winner will get their hands on!

photo 1 (14)_meitu_1

Good luck!

How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 3

I don’t have a favourite season, never really have had one. I don’t really mind the summer heat (what I DO mind though is the humidity!), autumn rain or freezing winter winds. I enjoyed wearing cropped tops and high-waisted shorts this summer, but I was equally happy to put them in my closet as the days got colder and the Seven Eleven in my neighbourhood started selling oden. Funny thing, I didn’t even own a pair of jeans when I first came to Japan. Who would have thought I’d be wearing them almost all the time two years later? You know, I used to be really self-conscious about my height, but then I came to Japan and… Well, I am not self-conscious anymore! I guess I should add that I don’t have absolutely any problem finding perfect fitting trousers here. Anyway, I’m going a bit off-topic, so let me just present you with my eight August outfits, all of them rather simple and reasonably priced.


 You can check my previous lookbooks here:

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Lookbook vol. 3




/photo taken at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, it has aquariums and stuff, a nice place for an all-day date/

Top: Topshop, ¥1400

Pants: WEGO, about ¥3800

Shoes: Jeanasis, about ¥6000




/photo taken in Shin-Okubo where I went right after applying for a visa extension/

Top: H&M, ¥700

Skirt: E Hyphen World Gallery, bought second hand at Jumble Store, ¥500






/photo taken at Zenyoji Temple/

Top: Forever 21, ¥800

High-waisted shorts: I brought them with me from the UK, I remember I got them at Primark for 10£

Favourite platforms:  (they made numerous appearances before but anyway) bought second-hand at MODE OFF, ¥2000





/photo taken at Tokyo DisneySea/

Sweater: cheap store in my town, about ¥1400

Absolutely favourite shorts I plan on wearing all seasons: Mustang, bought second hand at WEGO for about ¥2000

Super stylish Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears: Tokyo DisneySea, ¥1400 (nobody seemed to buy those, but I thought they were cute)





/photo taken in Harajuku by my friend Lena, check her awesome blog →

top: WEGO, ¥800

jeans: ANAP, ¥2500

best boots I’ve ever found at a second-hand store: Glad News, bought at Jumble Store for ¥1900





/I bought a tripod for my camera so I could take photos by myself and try doing some fancy modelling poses in front of my apartment/

top (I know everyone has it): H&M, ¥500

(I already mentioned other things in other photos’ descriptions so let’s see what’s left…) socks: GU, probably about ¥500 for 5 pairs





/photo taken at Ueno Park before heading out to Awa Odori in Koenji I will soon write about!/

dress: Murua, bought second hand for ¥1000 at Jumble Store

beloved boots: Jeffrey Campbell, ¥14000





/photo taken at Ajinomoto Stadium, before the a-nation festival, where I saw BIGBANG again♥/

black top: some random cheap clothing store in Marui in my town, about ¥300

checkered shirt: GU, ¥1490



 Did you notice one thing that was different from my earlier photos? I couldn’t stand the daily ‘hair vs humidity’ struggle, so I decided to take radical measures and straight-permed dem curls. Up to now, the best hair decision I’ve ever made.

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How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol.2

I have said it many times, but I’ll say that again — Japanese summer is hot. Add humid to it and you’ll get tons of sweat and messy hair. Be ready: your hair will look like a bird’s nest and your carefully applied makeup will melt off of your face.  I tried to look decent in this weather, I really did. Did I succeed? My daily struggle with frizzy hair didn’t help me here, so be understanding.

Anyway! Here I present you my eight cheap outfits for July. I am not very happy with them, since this summer I replaced trying to be fashionable with trying to survive the heat.

Lookbook vol.2

check lookbook vol. 1 →here←




t-shirt: GU, about 500 yen

black skinny pants bought like 2 years ago?: UNIQLO, ¥1998 (I wasn’t really a pants/jeans girl until this summer, what happened?)

favourite black shoes: Jeanasis, about ¥6000





white shirt: GU, about ¥500

unicorn skirt (I know you want it): random shop in my town, ¥600





pink shirt: H&M ¥300 (!)

black skirt: Forever 21, ¥880





absolutely favourite jeans short: Mustang, about ¥2000(bought second hand at WEGO)

top: random shop in my town (where I find 80 % of the Engrish t-shirts I wrote about →here←) ¥1200

favourite platforms:  Nadia, ¥2000 (bought second hand at MODE OFF)





(Okay, I like this one…)

top: Forever 21, ¥800

jeans: WEGO, about ¥4000

photo (18)_meitu_1



top: some random cheap clothing store in Marui in my town, about ¥300 ?

beautiful bag I got at Polish Festival in Roppongi last year: ¥800 !

tired face / dark circles under my eyes: Japanese summer heat, ¥0

photo (20)_meitu_1




That one time I tried to straighten my hair by myself.  It lasted 5 minutes.

top: GU, about ¥500

shorts: bought second-hand for ¥1000

socks: I guess I got them at WEGO, probably about ¥990 for 3 pairs


photo 1 (6)_meitu_1




top: GU, about ¥500

jacket: I actually wear it only to hide my tattoos, but I remember I got it in Nippori and paid about ¥600

jeans: ANAP, ¥2500




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…and if you know any good second-hand stores in Tokyo — please let me know!