How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 11 + vol. 12

I was looking through the photos I prepared for this month’s lookbook and I noticed two trends in what I like to wear: I like looking serious and elegant, but I also like casual, ‘unpretentious’ outfits. I noticed one more thing: only 1 in 12 casual outfits included a dress (not counting the bonus outfit)! When I came to Japan 3 years ago I didn’t even own a pair of jeans, all I had were dresses and skirts. I quickly realized that wearing skirts in Japan is not the most comfortable thing to do…Why? I think I have the impression that strong winds blow here non-stop and the last thing I’d wish for is flashing my underwear at people around me. I know that ‘safety shorts’ exist, but still — to feel 100% comfortable I had to wear maxi skirts only. And I quickly got bored of them. Either way, I never liked showing too much skin, so I’m glad my taste in fashion went this direction. It’s interesting to see myself 3 years later, sporting boyfriend’s pants, slacks and some 90s fashion trends like denim on denim and platform sandals. That being said, here’s a lookbook for April & May!



/photo taken in Insadong, Seoul/

white shirt: bought in a random store near Sillim Station in Seoul for about ¥1600

jacket: Bershka,¥7800

jeans: Bershka, ¥1500

shoes: WEGO, ¥4000

bag: American Apparel, bought from an online discount store for ¥1990



/photo taken at Higashi-Shirahige Park before Children’s Day in Japan, hence the carp streamers/

top: GU, I don’t really remember but it probably wasn’t more expensive than ¥600

gaucho pants: Bershka, ¥5000

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, ¥7500



/photo taken in Oshino Hakkai/

t-shirt: bought in Seoul for about ¥1200

denim jacket: WEGO, ¥2000

black pants: GU, ¥1490

red sneakers: random store in Marui, ¥1500


/It was still a bit chilly at that time, photo taken at Ueno Park/

white shirt: Heather, ¥2500

coat: GU, ¥4000

clutch bag: I actually bought it in Taipei, from a clothing store in Shillin Market for something around ¥800?




dress: ANAP, ¥3000

bag: I actually brought it with me from the UK, I remember I paid one whole pound for it at Primark!

photo 1 (20)_meitu_1


/photo taken at one cool place in Harajuku/

blue shirt: GU, ¥1490

grey pants: bought at a shopping center in Dongdaemun for about ¥1600

photo 2 (23)_meitu_2


/photo taken in front of some cute shrine in Asakusa/

pink shirt: H&M, ¥300

black jacket: Forever 21, ¥3500

boots: Glad News, bought second hand at Jumble Store for ¥1900

photo 3 (16)_meitu_4


/forgive me this shameless mirror selfie, there was no one who could take a photo of me that day. If we ever hang out, there’s a 100% chance I’ll ask you to take a photo of me :D/

white top: Forever21, ¥800

jeans:  WEGO, ¥4000

white shoes: random store in my town, ¥2900

photo 2 (24)_meitu_3


/photo taken in Enoshima!/

glasses: MONKI, ¥1200

pink sweater: bought in Hongdae in Seoul for about ¥1200

shorts: Mustang, bought second hand at WEGO for ¥1980



white shirt: GU, ¥500

gaucho pants: GU, ¥1490

photo 4 (13)_meitu_5


/photo taken somewhere in Shibuya/

(I mentioned all items in the previous photos)

jeans: Lip Service, bought second hand for ¥390!



/photo taken in a supermarket, next to toilet paper… obviously/

top: H&M, ¥700

platform shoes: NADIA, bought second hand at MODE OFF for ¥2000



I don’t really dress so well for work (mainly because I don’t really care about my work fashion that much) but that day was actually my day off — I just had to work a few hours in the morning. I dressed a little better than usual, but here you can get the idea of what I basically wear for work.

top: Monki, ¥700

skirt: Forever21, ¥800

shoes: random shoe shop in my town, ¥2400



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How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 10

I’m being kind of lazy with the updates this month, I know. Let me blame it all on work and lack of time as usual again. So instead of the lengthy intro I usually write, have a short selection from my new article for Connect Magazine! 

Have you heard about “Normcore” yet? Well, if you haven’t, I bet you’re trying to figure out what it could possibly be about. It’s a word combination of ‘Normal’ and ‘Hardcore’. I know it probably made you wince, but you better get used to it, because “Normcore” is the hottest word in fashion this season! So what is it anyway? Let me put it this way — being ‘basic’ won’t be seen as an insult anymore. You can be as basic with your outfit choices as you want to be and no one can actually call you ‘unfashionable’. This spring will be all about oversized tops, plain shirts, slacks or your usual denim pants, hippie cardigans, running shoes and slip-ons. There’s a quite significant ‘back to the past’ trend going on, so you might find yourself sporting flares and a turtleneck at some point!

Read more →HERE ← (pages 25,26 and 27, check it out!). What do you think about that “Normcore” thing? I feel like it’s the perfect style for me. After all those crazy years of wearing all sorts of gothic / emo / punk / pin-up fashions, I’m pretty happy with my current closet, no matter how basic it may look. I love shirts. I’m crazy about shirts, I believe I own well over 25 different shirts. They look good with everything and I like that they give that elegant feel to any outfit. Plus they’re cheap, and as you know that is the main point of my monthly fashion updates.


→most recent lookbook←

Lookbook vol. 10



White shirt: It’s actually a shirt I use for work, I think I paid something around ¥500

Black pants: Honeys, ¥1990 (website)

Coat: bought at one department store in Dongdaemun for about ¥6500

Platforms: I guess you know them if you check my lookbooks regularly, but if not — I got them second-hand at MODE Off in Ueno for ¥2000

Bag: American Apparel, bought from an online discount store for ¥1900



Floral dress: I bought it in Underground Shopping Center in Gangnam Station for 10,000 won = ¥1200

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, bought for ¥7000 at Laforet in Harajuku



Black shirt: Bershka, ¥500

Black coat: GU, ¥4000

Grey pants: bought in Dongdaemun for about ¥1600

Boots: Moussy, ¥8000



Striped shirt: bought at the same shopping center in Dongdaemun as other items in this lookbook, I paid something like ¥500

Black jacket: Bershka, ¥7500



Sweater: store in Dongdaemun, ¥400 (!)

Shorts: Mustang, bought second hand in WEGO, about ¥2000

Platform boots: Jouetie, bought second hand in Jumble Store in Harajuku for ¥3300



Blue shirt: GU, ¥1400

Jeans: Bershka, ¥1500



White shirt: GU, ¥500

Gaucho pants: Bershka, ¥5000

Black shoes: WEGO, ¥3990


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How to: Budget Fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 9

Spring is just around the corner. Starbucks may have stopped selling Sakura Latte (and thank god because it was terrible) but Asahi released limited-edition beer cans with a cherry blossom design — I’m so ready for hanami! Honestly, I had more than enough of freezing wind, random rain, wearing 3 layers of clothes as pajamas and high electricity bills (air conditioner, electric fan heater, electric blanket…). I’ll be more than happy to put away all my winter coats and thick cardigans, YAY! I just want to forget those ridiculous temperatures in Seoul (-11 degrees outside, 8 degrees… inside!). I will go back to winter one last time before I forget it for a few months, and I’ll show you what I wore in February.


→most recent lookbook←

Lookbook vol. 9



White sweater: Momo, ¥1000 (website)

Grey pants: bought in a department store in Dongdaemun for ¥1600

Coat: bought at the same store as the pants, about ¥6500

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, bought on sale for ¥7000!



White sweater: H&M, ¥1000

Green jacket: bought at a store in my town for ¥1500 ← crazy!

Black skirt: WEGO, ¥2000

Bag: American Apparel, bought from an online discount store for ¥1900

Boots: Moussy, ¥8000



Scarf: bought at a super cheap store in Nippori for ¥900

White shirt: Heather, ¥2500

Black jeans: GU, ¥1490

Platforms: Nadia, bought second hand for ¥2000




Grey neck warmer: WEGO, ¥1800

Red sweater: GU, ¥500

Jeans: Bershka, ¥1500



Red beanie: Hanjiro (men’s section), ¥550 (website)

Striped top: bought in a department store in Dongdaemun for ¥500

Coat: GU, ¥4000



Turtleneck: random cheap store in my town, ¥500

One of the cutest sweaters I own: department store in Dongdaemun (it’s a real treasure trove!) bought for… ¥450!



I mentioned all of the items I was wearing here above. The last 4 ensembles look similar, because I didn’t take many pieces of clothing with me to Korea (so I could buy even more clothes YASSSS), but I tried to coordinate them a bit differently every time 🙂


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How to: Budget Fashion in Tokyo aka Lookbook vol. 8

This time last year I was rocking shorts (with tights underneath, of course, I’m not as resistant to cold as Japanese miniskirt-wearing high school students) and a spring leather jacket, because last year on the 2nd of January it was about 15°C and beautiful, sunny weather. And this year? Well, Japanese winter must be a woman because it’s totally unpredictable! Freezing nights and very pleasant sunny days? Check. Wind so strong that it makes that creepy whistling sound when it blows, as if it was getting ready to transform into a tornado to tear off your roof? Check. Hawaiian sun, London rain and Arctic wind — all on the same day? Check, check aaaand check. Oh, and how could I forget — while Japanese summers are horribly humid, the winter air is so dry, you will have to spend a small fortune on moisturizing creams. I’m not complaining though, I can’t even imagine what my fellow expats living in Hokkaido must be going through! Seriously guys, how do you survive up there? Well anyway, here’s some of my winter outfits that kept me warm but didn’t hurt my wallet!

The latest lookbook:

Lookbook vol. 7



White shirt: I don’t really remember where I got it, but I remember I paid like ¥500

Grey sweater: H&M,  ¥300

Black pants: Global Work,  ¥3000 (Global Work website)

Coat: GU, ¥4000

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, bought on sale for… ¥7000!




Black sweater: Spinns, ¥800 (Spinns website)

Checkered shirt & checkered skirt: GU, ¥1490 and ¥990

Black boots: I spotted them on sale in my local Marui department store on the way to the hospital, with a fever of almost 39 degrees. They were discounted to ¥8000 from ¥17000 so I just couldn’t leave them there! Moussy (website)




/special thanks to super large fitting rooms in Forever 21/

hat: Glad News, ¥1000

neck warmer: ANAP, ¥800

unicorn sweater (I know you want it): second hand shop in Kita-Senju, ¥1800

Skinny black pants: GU, ¥1490





/it was windy as hell that day and I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba on foot, so I needed something simple and comfortable, hence this basic outfit, sorry/

Neck warmer: WEGO, ¥1800

striped dress: bought at Shillin Market in Taipei for about ¥700?



hot pink sweater: bough in a store in ALTA Shinjuku, ¥1900

black skirt: GU, ¥1200

photo 1_meitu_2


Green sweater: Spinns, ¥1600

photo 2_meitu_4


/another basic outfit, oh well/

Beige turtleneck: ANAP, ¥1400 (ANAP website)

photo 4_meitu_5


Pink sweater: bought in Hongdae in Seoul for about ¥1200

Pink boots: Jeffrey Campbell, I think I mentioned them in one of my previous lookbooks, I got them on sale for ¥14000 instead of ¥22000!

(here also wearing the Global Work pants you can see in the first photo too)

photo 4_meitu_8



/this has to be my favourite January coordinate/

Brown coat: bought in Dongdaemun in Seoul for about ¥6500

Ripped jeans: WEGO, ¥4000

(other items mentioned in photos before)

photo 5_meitu_1


As I’m posting this, Starbucks in Japan is already selling Sakura Latte. I’m so looking forward to spring! And hanami outfits of course!

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How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 7

“Why don’t you buy some brand name items? You could save up some money and get Comme des Garcons or some cool stuff like that!” — actual question I have recently been asked by a Japanese friend of mine. Here’s my answer then: I own a heap of clothes, I admit. But I know myself and I know that in a few months I’ll simply get bored of the clothes I’m wearing now (which is not always the case, of course, but I know how many times I’ve changed the way I dressed, besides I like my fashion to match my always changing hairstyle, so…). I may have mentioned a few times that I have some rules that I live by, and I’ll share one of them now. Money should be spent on education, traveling, food, adventures and essentials (rent, bills and all that boring adult stuff), NOT material goods. Although I do like having nice things, it’s not that I’ll have them forever. But I know for sure that my language lessons, traveling and food experiences aren’t going anywhere. That being said, here’s a few reasonably priced outfits for December 2014!

The latest lookbook:

Lookbook vol. 6



/photo taken in Harajuku, one of my favourite coordinates so far/

White shirt: Heather, bought on sale for ¥2500 (Heather website)

Black sweater: I bought it aaaages ago in H&M, I don’t really remember how much it cost, but I’m sure it wasn’t a lot

Jeans: WEGO, ¥4000 (WEGO website)

Coat: bought in Dongdaemun in Seoul for about ¥6000

Shoes: Jeanasis,  ¥6900 (Jeanasis website)



/photo taken in Shin-Okubo by the lovely Kathryn/

Red shawl: it was a gift from my friends from Poland

Black jacket: H&M, ¥6500

Grey bodycon dress: Forever 21, ¥800




/shameless mirror selfies in GU Ginza store, both taken on the same day/

Grey neck warmer: WEGO, ¥1800

Black turtleneck: SPINNS, ¥1200 (Spinns website)

Black coat, which I bought of course: GU, ¥4000



/okay, I can’t really decide which coordinate is better, the first one or this/

Ripped jeans: Lip Service; believe it or not, but I bought them for ¥390 at a second hand store in Kita-Senju

Black boots: Glad News, bought second hand for ¥1900 at Jumble Store (Jumble Store website)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


/more shameless selfies, yay! it was my outift for a BIGBANG concert in Tokyo Dome, so everything including make-up was special for that day/

Beanie: Glad News, bought at one cheap store in Shin-Okubo selling brand items at discounted prices <trust me, I know good places> ¥1080 (Glad News website)

Hoodie: I bought it at a BIGBANG’s concert last year and I finally had a chance to wear it! I remember I paid something about ¥6000 for it

Black jeans: GU, ¥1499

Black platform boots: Nadia, bought second hand at MODE OFF for ¥2000 (MODE OFF online shop)

(and just in case you’re wondering what colour contact lenses I’m wearing: Angelcolor Bambi Series Chocolat)



/I actually mentioned all of these items above, so I’ll just say that this photo was taken in Shinjuku Gyoen, where I was filming a series of short videos that should be up on YouTube someday :)/


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