Crazy cat guy in Shibuya! 九州猫おじさん

 Like I mentioned before, I don’t really hang out in Shibuya, but when I do…many rather interesting things happen. On the day of that photo shoot I described in my previous post, Ayaka and I were hanging around the Shibuya station area and saw something that caught our eye….


 Hey, you see that? What’s that?

A man…

A man and his cat….

Oh wait, there’s more!

A man and his 9 (maybe 10?) cats.

Oh okay…that was rather unexpected.



Yup, he was just standing there with a “Ohhh yeeaaahhhh look at my magnificent catssss” look on his face. He wasn’t talking to people. Just standing there with one cat on his shoulder and like 8 or 9 (I coudln’t really see how many) fluffy balls in a pet stroller. Of course, people stopped and took pictures, petted the cats and you could hear a loud “Awwwwww!” every few seconds. The guy had a sticky tape roller and he used it from time to time to take the cat fur off his face, hair and clothes. One cat went like 1 human step away from the stroller, and the guy suddenly grabbed its tail and put it back in the stroller.

I was a bit puzzled actually.


↑↑↑↑↑  “Your death will be slow and painful, human”


They were super fluffy and cuter even than the Nyan cat, but I noticed something that was a bit worrying. They didn’t really move… I mean they were alive but they were sleeping all the time and they were like rag dolls. I have never seen any cats behaving like this. All the cats I have ever seen in Japan are wild, they seem to hate people and run away when you get closer than 5 meters. I know that these cats were domesticated but still…Cats do whatever they want, if they want to go, they go, they don’t give a flying fungus that you want them to stay. I don’t want to make strange assumptions, but just think about it…

Is it possible to train your cat to behave like a rag doll? Anyone else think it’s weird or is it just me thinking about it too much?




↓ Notice John Lennon on the left.


↓An old man, giggling school girls and cats. Japan in one picture.



Apparently the guy called himself 九州猫おじさん and that translates to something like “The [old] cat man from Kyushu”. I know that because before I and Ayaka left, he took out his smartphone and showed us his facebook page (without saying a single word). I’m not really sure why, maybe it’s his fanpage or something. You can find him by typing in “九州猫おじさん”. I can’t decide whether I should go “Awww!” looking at these picutres, or feel sorry for those little fluffy balls, because they were dragged out into the busiest and noisiest area of Tokyo just to serve as some sort of entertainment for people.

Well, at least photos of Tokyo still make me go “Awww!” everytime.

Tokyo, how can one not love you?




Thanks for reading!♥