How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 11 + vol. 12

I was looking through the photos I prepared for this month’s lookbook and I noticed two trends in what I like to wear: I like looking serious and elegant, but I also like casual, ‘unpretentious’ outfits. I noticed one more thing: only 1 in 12 casual outfits included a dress (not counting the bonus outfit)! When I came to Japan 3 years ago I didn’t even own a pair of jeans, all I had were dresses and skirts. I quickly realized that wearing skirts in Japan is not the most comfortable thing to do…Why? I think I have the impression that strong winds blow here non-stop and the last thing I’d wish for is flashing my underwear at people around me. I know that ‘safety shorts’ exist, but still — to feel 100% comfortable I had to wear maxi skirts only. And I quickly got bored of them. Either way, I never liked showing too much skin, so I’m glad my taste in fashion went this direction. It’s interesting to see myself 3 years later, sporting boyfriend’s pants, slacks and some 90s fashion trends like denim on denim and platform sandals. That being said, here’s a lookbook for April & May!



/photo taken in Insadong, Seoul/

white shirt: bought in a random store near Sillim Station in Seoul for about ¥1600

jacket: Bershka,¥7800

jeans: Bershka, ¥1500

shoes: WEGO, ¥4000

bag: American Apparel, bought from an online discount store for ¥1990



/photo taken at Higashi-Shirahige Park before Children’s Day in Japan, hence the carp streamers/

top: GU, I don’t really remember but it probably wasn’t more expensive than ¥600

gaucho pants: Bershka, ¥5000

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, ¥7500



/photo taken in Oshino Hakkai/

t-shirt: bought in Seoul for about ¥1200

denim jacket: WEGO, ¥2000

black pants: GU, ¥1490

red sneakers: random store in Marui, ¥1500


/It was still a bit chilly at that time, photo taken at Ueno Park/

white shirt: Heather, ¥2500

coat: GU, ¥4000

clutch bag: I actually bought it in Taipei, from a clothing store in Shillin Market for something around ¥800?




dress: ANAP, ¥3000

bag: I actually brought it with me from the UK, I remember I paid one whole pound for it at Primark!

photo 1 (20)_meitu_1


/photo taken at one cool place in Harajuku/

blue shirt: GU, ¥1490

grey pants: bought at a shopping center in Dongdaemun for about ¥1600

photo 2 (23)_meitu_2


/photo taken in front of some cute shrine in Asakusa/

pink shirt: H&M, ¥300

black jacket: Forever 21, ¥3500

boots: Glad News, bought second hand at Jumble Store for ¥1900

photo 3 (16)_meitu_4


/forgive me this shameless mirror selfie, there was no one who could take a photo of me that day. If we ever hang out, there’s a 100% chance I’ll ask you to take a photo of me :D/

white top: Forever21, ¥800

jeans:  WEGO, ¥4000

white shoes: random store in my town, ¥2900

photo 2 (24)_meitu_3


/photo taken in Enoshima!/

glasses: MONKI, ¥1200

pink sweater: bought in Hongdae in Seoul for about ¥1200

shorts: Mustang, bought second hand at WEGO for ¥1980



white shirt: GU, ¥500

gaucho pants: GU, ¥1490

photo 4 (13)_meitu_5


/photo taken somewhere in Shibuya/

(I mentioned all items in the previous photos)

jeans: Lip Service, bought second hand for ¥390!



/photo taken in a supermarket, next to toilet paper… obviously/

top: H&M, ¥700

platform shoes: NADIA, bought second hand at MODE OFF for ¥2000



I don’t really dress so well for work (mainly because I don’t really care about my work fashion that much) but that day was actually my day off — I just had to work a few hours in the morning. I dressed a little better than usual, but here you can get the idea of what I basically wear for work.

top: Monki, ¥700

skirt: Forever21, ¥800

shoes: random shoe shop in my town, ¥2400



Thanks for reading! ♥


9 thoughts on “How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 11 + vol. 12

  1. Awesome outfits as always~ ^^ I could never pull off denim-on-denim but you rocked it! 😍 Haha, and I didn’t consider wearing ‘safety shorts’ until I came to Korea, and now I literally have ten pairs… 😶 All those long flights of stairs in the subway make me paranoid!! x

  2. Omg the looks with the black long coat and glasses, I would have a crush on you during my questioning period, haha! You look gorgeous as always, but can you survive summer in Tokyo in jeans? I am dying up here already!

  3. You are so pretty in all of these looks *_* Makes me wanna cut my hair into a bob again but I am not allowing myself because I’m trying to grow it long!

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