April digest!

Let’s start this last month’s recap with a short intro this time. My April can be described in only 4 words: Seoul, Korean food, Ueno Park and sushi. I visited some places and did some stuff that I wanted to describe in a tad more detail, hence the slight change in the way I wrote this digest post compared to the ones I wrote before. I hope you like it! Okay, let’s go….

APRIL 2015

* I probably mentioned it in some April post — I visited Korea again! This time I visited not only for the purpose of seeing my boyfriend, but also for the purpose of going to my Korean teacher’s wedding! Seoul was beautiful as always, and I just couldn’t wait to eat all the deliciousness Korea has to offer. And the wedding…? Let’s just say that Korean weddings differ from all the weddings I have attended in the past. I was really happy to see my teacher MyoungJin looking like a princess, have some delicious Korean food and drink more makgeolli than I care to admit. Speaking of which! Have you ever drunk with Koreans? Planning to? Be prepared — look away for a second, and your glass will mysteriously refill itself with whatever you’re drinking at the moment. It won’t stop until you’re totally down for the count. Magic!


* Some super random Korean things: wet tissues with Jesus and a mass schedule handed to me by an older woman while I was passing by a church (why wet tissues?) and… well, the picture on the right… I don’t really know how to caption that one.


* FOOD. Oh, the foooood. I love Korean food so much, I’d marry it if I could. That budaejjigae! Jumokbap! Kimbap!


.…but there’s also jajangmyeon. I like my food so spicy it makes fire shoot out my mouth. I’m sorry jajangmyeon, you’re just not my type.


* Korean food has to be first on the list of my favourite cuisines, but here in Japan there’s still some things that would never be as good anywhere else. Everytime I come back from Korea I tend to be rather grumpy, so this time I cheered myself up with some Okinawan food, okonomiyaki, taiyaki and….


SUSHI! I’m the type of person who gets hooked on things real quick and once I like something, I will eat it / watch it / wear it until I get totally bored of it. Basically I am not much of a sushi eater, but in April I had unusual sushi cravings.  Here’s some proof.


There were also a few food experiments in April:

* sakura mochi (sweet sticky rice cake with sweet bean paste filling wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf) ← NOPE

* Durian ice cream! I found it in my favourite Thai restaurant in Shinjuku and I absolutely loved it! It did smell like rancid socks at first, but it tasted absolutely lovely!

* Tuna & cheese & mayo omusubi is so good, I can’t even count how many I’ve consumed already… (probably no less than 25)


* If you’re looking for a fun place where you can forget about having to work crazy hours, go to Namjatown in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro! What’s there? Everything you need: beckoning cats, gyoza, funky ice cream flavours, ghost cats, cat shrines and lovely Showa era style rooms.


Coal, rose, ramen, miso paste, fried eggplant, avocado, Mascarpone cheese… just some of the unique ice cream flavours you can find there.


*Keep in mind that trains running from Ikebukuro on Friday nights get as crowded as is possible. Think of the most crowded train you could possibly imagine and then double that. I do not enjoy being a human sardine, squished against a sea of people, literally hugging some random salarymen from behind (because there’s absolutely NO space), so I will avoid going there on the weekend from now on.


Before the Ikebukuro madness I visited a slightly more peaceful place — Ueno Park! There’s always so many things to do, I absolutely love it.

* Shitamachi Museum! I mentioned it in my December Digest. Be sure to visit it when you’re in Ueno Park, it costs only 300 yen to get in, and you can snap some pretty awesome photos like these! Also it’s worth visiting just to see how awesome Tokyo Shitamachi really is!


You can also get a portait of your own beautiful self for only 1000 yen! Funny enough, exactly one year ago, on the 10th of April I got a picture of me drawn by the same artist! This is how I changed over the period of one year.


* Little Mermaid coffee in Shin-Okubo, in Coffee Prince cafe I wrote about → HERE ←

* Pandaruma in Ueno (panda + daruma = pandaruma)

* Japanese act of vandalism on a vending machine


And last but not least! These absolutely awesome carp streamers in Higashi-Shirahige park!


Thank you for reading! ♥


3 thoughts on “April digest!

  1. Ahh what an adventurous month! I tried bibimbap for the first time reently, but it was from a yakiniku restaurant and I can’t say I enjoyed it despite it having so many ingredients I like. Maybe it was the lack of authenticity.

    I loooove Namja town~ I went once for a Black Butler themed event a few years ago and not only was that amazing, but the whole theme park was great. I bought a pencil sharpener shaped like an old fashion lamp post. Next time I’m going for the ice cream!

    Looking forward to more~ Hope you have a great May as well!

    • Thanks for reading my lengthy posts ❤ Bibimbap is just okay, Korea has so much food much more delicious than that 😀 but yeah, it's difficult to get Korean food that tastes 'right' in Japan.
      You've been to Namja Town, so it means you visit Tokyo from time to time! How often are you here? 🙂

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