How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 10

I’m being kind of lazy with the updates this month, I know. Let me blame it all on work and lack of time as usual again. So instead of the lengthy intro I usually write, have a short selection from my new article for Connect Magazine! 

Have you heard about “Normcore” yet? Well, if you haven’t, I bet you’re trying to figure out what it could possibly be about. It’s a word combination of ‘Normal’ and ‘Hardcore’. I know it probably made you wince, but you better get used to it, because “Normcore” is the hottest word in fashion this season! So what is it anyway? Let me put it this way — being ‘basic’ won’t be seen as an insult anymore. You can be as basic with your outfit choices as you want to be and no one can actually call you ‘unfashionable’. This spring will be all about oversized tops, plain shirts, slacks or your usual denim pants, hippie cardigans, running shoes and slip-ons. There’s a quite significant ‘back to the past’ trend going on, so you might find yourself sporting flares and a turtleneck at some point!

Read more →HERE ← (pages 25,26 and 27, check it out!). What do you think about that “Normcore” thing? I feel like it’s the perfect style for me. After all those crazy years of wearing all sorts of gothic / emo / punk / pin-up fashions, I’m pretty happy with my current closet, no matter how basic it may look. I love shirts. I’m crazy about shirts, I believe I own well over 25 different shirts. They look good with everything and I like that they give that elegant feel to any outfit. Plus they’re cheap, and as you know that is the main point of my monthly fashion updates.


→most recent lookbook←

Lookbook vol. 10



White shirt: It’s actually a shirt I use for work, I think I paid something around ¥500

Black pants: Honeys, ¥1990 (website)

Coat: bought at one department store in Dongdaemun for about ¥6500

Platforms: I guess you know them if you check my lookbooks regularly, but if not — I got them second-hand at MODE Off in Ueno for ¥2000

Bag: American Apparel, bought from an online discount store for ¥1900



Floral dress: I bought it in Underground Shopping Center in Gangnam Station for 10,000 won = ¥1200

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, bought for ¥7000 at Laforet in Harajuku



Black shirt: Bershka, ¥500

Black coat: GU, ¥4000

Grey pants: bought in Dongdaemun for about ¥1600

Boots: Moussy, ¥8000



Striped shirt: bought at the same shopping center in Dongdaemun as other items in this lookbook, I paid something like ¥500

Black jacket: Bershka, ¥7500



Sweater: store in Dongdaemun, ¥400 (!)

Shorts: Mustang, bought second hand in WEGO, about ¥2000

Platform boots: Jouetie, bought second hand in Jumble Store in Harajuku for ¥3300



Blue shirt: GU, ¥1400

Jeans: Bershka, ¥1500



White shirt: GU, ¥500

Gaucho pants: Bershka, ¥5000

Black shoes: WEGO, ¥3990


Thank you for reading!♥


8 thoughts on “How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 10

  1. You are such an inspiration for me. I’ve been dressing in goth fashion since I was a teenager but recently I don’t think it suits me anymore and I’m kind of struggling over that.
    Looking at your instagram and your blog-lookbook always shows me that basic pieces can look outstanding too without a hint of boredom. :)))

  2. Hiya! i was wondering if you knew where to buy larger sized shoes in Tokyo?
    i’ve been here almost 2years and haven’t been so lucky haha it would really help me out ^_^

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