Kimono in Asakusa — the ultimate hanami experience!

What would you consider to be the ultimate Japanese experience? Climbing Mount Fuji? Eating fresh sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market at 4 am? Staying at a traditional hot spring hotel? Attending a tea ceremony? I guess all of those things could be considered the ultimate Japan moment, but I can’t say I can check them all off my bucket list yet. There’s one thing, you cannot do properly anywhere else in the world and I’m proud to say I have done it a few times already. And I absolutely love it! Getting dressed up in kimono is always a great experience for me. It’s like a ritual, every piece of kimono, even the smallest one, has its own particular function and it has to be arranged in a special way. Not to mention it looks simply spectacular and is one of the most beautiful and elegant outfits a woman can wear.

This March I had the pleasure to wear it again, and cherry blossoms in full bloom are definitely what made it even more special!

It’s an unforgettable experience, and I really encourage you to try wearing a kimono at least once. (Gentlemen, I’m talking to you too!) If you ever find yourself in Asakusa, head over to Sawadaya Kimono Rental shop. You can choose among hundreds of beautiful kimonos and two amazing ladies will dress you up and they’ll even do your hair! They have offers for couples too — if walking with your partner around Asakusa looking all fabulous is not your definition of the perfect date, then I don’t know what is. (I’ll give some more details about the place at the end of this post!).

Anyway! Today I wanted to share some beautiful moments of my ultimate cherry blossom experience in Asakusa captured by the amazing Boong (The Beholder Photography)!




 Full-body shots. Check out that fantastic kimono! Everything matched perfectly and even my tabi socks had roses embroidered on them.


The stunning Chika-san! I think I’ve mentioned her in some of my blog posts a few times. If it’s your first visit to my blog (hopefully not the last) I’ll write a few words about her just for you. We met just a few months after I came to Japan and at first I was Chika-san’s Polish teacher. I still help her study, but what we basically do is hang out in all the cool Tokyo places, as Chika-san is a native Tokyoite and she knows it better than anyone. She was the one, who came up with the idea of dressing up in kimonos.



Chika-san chose a simple yet elegant kimono, which nicely balanced my rather flamboyant and elaborate kimono set-up. Notice adorable cats on her obi belt! The paper fans we are holding used to belong to Chika-san’s mother, who was a dancer. They were in fact a bit time-worn, with chipped edges and scraped parts, but that’s exactly what made them even more charming.


Sawadaya Kimono Rental Shop details!

Here’s their website → click here

and their blog → click here

You can also see the blog post documenting my first and second visit to the shop:

December 2014

March 2015

Kimono rental plan (¥5400 per 1 person,¥9800 per couple) → click here

They don’t speak English, but I guess they can reply to e-mails if you use the help of good ole’ Google Translate. All you have to do to make a reservation is give them your details:

* name

* the day and time you’d like to come in

* how many people (boys & girls) the reservation would be for

Caution! If you’re 30 minutes late, they cannot guarantee they’ll be able to dress you up as there might be another customer waiting, and trust me — putting on a kimono takes time. Sadly, there’s no English version of their website, so if you don’t speak Japanese and have any questions, I’ll try to help you — just leave a comment!


Thank you for reading! ♥


28 thoughts on “Kimono in Asakusa — the ultimate hanami experience!

  1. Aw you look amazing! It sounds like a wonderful experience.

    I personally hate wearing kimono, but I guess I am not such an elegant person. All the layers and restrictive movement drive me crazy. These pictures are perfect though, they make me want to wear one again just for blossom viewing.

  2. Amazing shots !
    I am fond of kimono and Japanese wear style (I even plan to take lessons starting from next month) but I was hesitating if I should try the kimono rental in Fukuoka (and nearby city) because I don’t want to be stared. But after readng your post I am full of confidence. Thank you ! I hope to see many other great photos 🙂

  3. Hi Stasia, I chanced upon your blog while searching for kimono rental in Tokyo. I will be visiting Tokyo in 2 weeks time and I really wish to experience dressing up in a kimono affordably and prettily. Need your advice as website is in Japanese.

    For the price of 5,400 yen,
    Is make up provided?
    Is hair styling provided?
    Is hair pins and accessories provided?
    What about tabi socks?
    How long for the whole process?
    What is provided under the package?

    Sorry for so many questions!

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Hello Jas,
      Make up isn’t provided but hairstyling and hair accessories are included in price — you can’t keep the hair accessories though. You will have to purchase tabi socks and it’s better to actually let them know that you’ll need them so they can prepare them for you. They cost 500 yen, you can keep them. The whole process takes about 60 minutes. I hope I could help 🙂

  4. Hi Stasia,
    Your photos came out so beautifully! Where did you take the photos at with the cherry blossom trees? Was it in walking distance from their studio? Was there a time limit as to how long you could walk around? And last, do they rent furisode kimonos also?

    Thank You!

    • Hello,
      The photos were taken in a park nearby but the park is only open during the hanami season unfortunately. The park is right next to the studio actually. You can wear your kimono until 6 pm (that’s when they close the shop) and I’m not sure about furisode, but I don’t think they have them (but I might be wrong). 🙂

      • Hi!
        Thank you for your response. I will be there during the last week of March so hopefully the park you went to will be open when I’m there. What is the name of that park? Was it the Imperial Palace Garden?

  5. Hi, may I know how many days in advance I need to make reservation with them as I’m leaving to Japan tomorrow and due to the weather I can’t decide on which day I’ll be visiting asakusa. Thanks please help.

  6. Hi…

    Thanks for sharing..

    Really like your pictures.. both so pretty with kimono..

    May I know, that price is include for hair style or make up?
    If no, do u know how much for that?

      • Hi..

        Thanks for reply..

        I will be there in first Jan.. do u know where is good place for taken picture?any good spot for that? Because it’s winter season..

        Me and my my boyfriend would to do pre wedding wearing kimono..actually we little bit confused about the outfit we will wearing in the winter for pre wedding.. first we will taken with coat winter then kimono I guess..

        If u have an idea for good place close with that studio or Tokyo area.. please let me know..

        Thanks for helping.. ^^

      • The rental shop is in Asakusa and considering you have to return the kimonos until 6 pm, I recommend a photo shoot around Asakusa, it’s a very beautiful area. Don’t worry about wearing a kimono in winter, you’ll wear maaany many layers of special kimono underwear and you’ll also get a special coat for your kimono and a fur collar too. Once I wore kimono in December and I recommend wearing warm leggings and maybe a heat tech shirt underneath. You won’t be able to wear a jacket under your kimono.

  7. Hi, i am going to Fukuoka to attend friend’s wedding in Oct ’16 and i plan to rent kimono to attend the wedding, can I know where can i go and rent the kimono in Fukuoka but im a plus size female, size 16-18.thanks

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