March digest!

I know it took me longer than usual to summarize my March adventures, but there’s a good reason for that. I came back from Korea just two days ago, where I spent wonderful 5 days — I attended my Korean teacher’s wedding, ate tons of delicious food, did some cherry blossom viewing… But that will be a good topic for my next month digest. You might wonder “How on Earth does she manage to travel so often!?”. The answer is simple — I work super hard for a few weeks to teach the mountain of lessons my managers require me to teach  (yes, they want me to teach a high number of classes even if I’d be happy enough with a lower number) and that allows me to take a few days off without getting into any trouble. That also means I didn’t exactly do that much exciting stuff in March, but there were still some things I thought were worth sharing, so here they are…


* I’m always open to interesting offers and new experiences, so when I was asked to do some make up modelling at Vantan School of Make Up, I agreed straight away. It wasn’t really ‘my kind’ of make-up, but I was only lending my face, so it’s all good.

* Before I came to Japan, I would wear mainly dresses and skirts. I don’t think I even owned one pair of jeans. It all changed the moment I moved to Japan, which is not a country of tall people. And being only 154 cm tall, I can be sure I’ll find my size! I really love that about clothing stores here.

* Some interesting Harajuku find…

↓             ↓             ↓


* Some very interesting Village Vanguard find…

* A statue for all the blow fish of Japan that landed on people’s plates

* A super cute limited edition can of Asahi. This is how to market things in Japan, cute packaging is the key to good sales.

↓             ↓             ↓



* 4 sessions, about 9 hours and here’s the finished product — I won’t be modest about it and I’ll say my half sleeve is AMAZING!

* Another interesting Donki find…

* I was looking for a new carpet and I went to one household store near my workplace. I didn’t find a carpet, but I found these ridiculously adorable curtains! I don’t need new curtains though…

↓             ↓             ↓


* What would be spring in Japan without all things sakura? Sakura taiyaki had to happen and I’m glad it did, it cheered up my stomach!

* Gachapon sushi key chains are getting pretty intense these days…

* As a massive fan of BIGBANG I had to have their live concert DVD — actually the concert I went to! — on the day of its release. I had to, even if it meant running to the nearest Tower Records after work.

↓             ↓             ↓


* So this is what happened on one of the last days of March. Be sure to check out my next blog post if you’d like to see some amazing photos from that day!

* Takoyaki Russian Roulette! Rules of the game, you get 8 takoyaki octopus balls and one of them is filled with super spicy chili sauce (called Death Sauce). I thought it was the only interesting thing at a company party I kinda had to attend, but my coworker found the spicy ball and just put it away. Party pooper.

* Some sakura fluffiness somewhere in Setagaya ward. It’s a great hanami spot, but my Japanese friend, who took me there didn’t want me to reveal it online, because “everyone would start going there, and it would be crowded and not fun anymore”, so… I guess I’ll keep it a secret 🙂

↓             ↓             ↓



Thank you for reading! ♥


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