How to: Budget Fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 9

Spring is just around the corner. Starbucks may have stopped selling Sakura Latte (and thank god because it was terrible) but Asahi released limited-edition beer cans with a cherry blossom design — I’m so ready for hanami! Honestly, I had more than enough of freezing wind, random rain, wearing 3 layers of clothes as pajamas and high electricity bills (air conditioner, electric fan heater, electric blanket…). I’ll be more than happy to put away all my winter coats and thick cardigans, YAY! I just want to forget those ridiculous temperatures in Seoul (-11 degrees outside, 8 degrees… inside!). I will go back to winter one last time before I forget it for a few months, and I’ll show you what I wore in February.


→most recent lookbook←

Lookbook vol. 9



White sweater: Momo, ¥1000 (website)

Grey pants: bought in a department store in Dongdaemun for ¥1600

Coat: bought at the same store as the pants, about ¥6500

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, bought on sale for ¥7000!



White sweater: H&M, ¥1000

Green jacket: bought at a store in my town for ¥1500 ← crazy!

Black skirt: WEGO, ¥2000

Bag: American Apparel, bought from an online discount store for ¥1900

Boots: Moussy, ¥8000



Scarf: bought at a super cheap store in Nippori for ¥900

White shirt: Heather, ¥2500

Black jeans: GU, ¥1490

Platforms: Nadia, bought second hand for ¥2000




Grey neck warmer: WEGO, ¥1800

Red sweater: GU, ¥500

Jeans: Bershka, ¥1500



Red beanie: Hanjiro (men’s section), ¥550 (website)

Striped top: bought in a department store in Dongdaemun for ¥500

Coat: GU, ¥4000



Turtleneck: random cheap store in my town, ¥500

One of the cutest sweaters I own: department store in Dongdaemun (it’s a real treasure trove!) bought for… ¥450!



I mentioned all of the items I was wearing here above. The last 4 ensembles look similar, because I didn’t take many pieces of clothing with me to Korea (so I could buy even more clothes YASSSS), but I tried to coordinate them a bit differently every time 🙂


Thanks for reading!♥


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