February digest!

If only I could, I would update this blog at least twice a week, I really would. But I’m a really busy individual, hence sadly rare updates. I don’t say that to sound cool — I actually am super busy, and in February I reached new levels of being busy, I need some sort of time management course I swear. I wish I could write an article about every interesting thing I see and every interesting place I go. But writing takes time and I’ve been working on a few serious articles recently. You’ll see one of them next week, but for now take a look at a short recap of what happened in February. 




* Valentine’s Day madness = chocolate of all kinds and shapes for the boy you like… but wait what’s that? Chocolates with an old balding man on packaging? Is it considered romantic in Japan or…? No no, it’s just giri choko and if you happened to have received one this year, I’m sorry to break it down to you, but you have most probably been friendzoned.

* Can you believe it wasn’t until December last year that I finally got a chance to try oden for the first time? Somehow I never trusted all that food soaking all day in warm water, right next to the cash register… Oh how wrong I was, it’s super tasty! 

* Are my eyes deceiving me? Japan has finally noticed that flavoured beers have a chance on the market ?! This one here is lemon + hop, but it did taste like lemon beer, so I was pretty satisfied with it.

↓             ↓            ↓



* Hazelnut KitKats! Were they good? YASSSSSSS.

Trunks-ya in Asakusa. Just a store with boxer shorts in traditional Japanese designs. Nice souvenir, no?

* Some more Valentine chocolate madness. Choco-burger, choco-curry, choco-everything…

↓             ↓            ↓


* If you’ve ever been to Harajuku, you’ll know that it’s covered with funky stickers, on building walls, vending machines, stairs, store windows… I spotted this one on that walkway connecting Cat Street with Ura-Harajuku. Well…

* Seoul! It welcomed me with -11 degrees, but it’s okay, I missed it♥

* Spotted on the metro in Seoul. It was interesting because of a few reasons: the topic, the language used (no Korean or Japanese version) and the propaganda-ish tone. I take no sides in this conflict, I just thought it was an interesting thing to see on a metro.

↓             ↓            ↓


 * Blackberry Caramel Cream Latte (or something like that) somewhere in Gangnam ♥

* I’m not a big fan of sweets, but I’m totally crazy about spicy snacks. Korean convenience stores = HEAVEN!

* I know what I just wrote in my previous bullet-point, but let me tell you, the Earl Grey Cookie Pie they serve at You Are Here cafe in Hongdae is to die for!

 ↓             ↓            ↓  


* Myeongdong by night. During my stay in Korea in February, the boyfriend didn’t really have much time to hang out, but that wasn’t much of a problem for me. I went to all the places I visited during my very first trip to Korea and discovered all the cute streets again ♥

* Did I mention my boyfriend is an optician by profession? And he has lots of friends, who are opticians too… I got these glasses in Seoul and they’re so darn adorable I still can’t get over their cuteness.

* Aloe drink and sweet green tea by Lipton — two things I wish I could find in Japan.

↓             ↓            ↓


* I came back to Japan and had a tattooing session again… Let me just tell you, getting your inner arm tattooed, that one damn spot right above the elbow pit, takes the highest position on my personal chart of most painful spots. Damn, that stung! 

* Spring is almost here and Starbucks is always the first to launch all things sakura. I expected a sweet cafe latte with an interesting flavour — I got sweet pink milk instead. NOT recommended.

* I agreed to write concert reviews for popboxasia.com and a Royal Pirates’ concert was my very first assignment. The boys were ridiculously talented and drop dead gorgeous — check them out on YouTube!

↓             ↓            ↓


* Dwarf Asahi beer, how cute ♥

* Reunited after a few weeks! Sweet cheese cream taiyaki… *drool*

* Have you ever been jealous of Goku’s awesome hairstyle? Dragon Ball hair wax — hold level over 9000!

↓             ↓            ↓



 Thank you for reading!♥


3 thoughts on “February digest!

  1. I know the feeling of not being able to blog as much as you want. I wish I had more time! What do you think of Seoul compared to Tokyo? I lived in Korea quite a few years ago and we always thought of Tokyo as “Seoul but better” kind of ( I actually never went to Japan when I lived in Korea, but that’s what I was told). Since moving to Beijing I’ve been able to go back to Korea twice and I thought it has really become more modern, trendy, western etc even since I lived there in 2007! So when I went to Japan for the first time recently, I thought it was really kind of similar to Korea in terms of fashio, convenience, being modern etc (though I think I might like Japan a little more!). What do you think? Oh and not sure if you have been to Beijing but it is worlds apart from Korea and Japan!!!! It has it’s own charms though 🙂

    • Hmm, Seoul and Tokyo are completely different to me. Tokyo is more convenient, customer service is much better and sometimes it’s even cheaper than Seoul. Seoul is really cool, lots of fashionable people and great cafes… Though Japanese people are much kinder I think. But food is much better in Korea! While I can’t really look at sushi anymore, I swear I could eat kimbap everyday ❤

  2. The ‘Stupid Americans’ sticker is shaped like the Heinz Tomato Sauce label.. wonder why? Makes me want to eat sauce over hating Americans.

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