How to: Budget Fashion in Tokyo aka Lookbook vol. 8

This time last year I was rocking shorts (with tights underneath, of course, I’m not as resistant to cold as Japanese miniskirt-wearing high school students) and a spring leather jacket, because last year on the 2nd of January it was about 15°C and beautiful, sunny weather. And this year? Well, Japanese winter must be a woman because it’s totally unpredictable! Freezing nights and very pleasant sunny days? Check. Wind so strong that it makes that creepy whistling sound when it blows, as if it was getting ready to transform into a tornado to tear off your roof? Check. Hawaiian sun, London rain and Arctic wind — all on the same day? Check, check aaaand check. Oh, and how could I forget — while Japanese summers are horribly humid, the winter air is so dry, you will have to spend a small fortune on moisturizing creams. I’m not complaining though, I can’t even imagine what my fellow expats living in Hokkaido must be going through! Seriously guys, how do you survive up there? Well anyway, here’s some of my winter outfits that kept me warm but didn’t hurt my wallet!

The latest lookbook:

Lookbook vol. 7



White shirt: I don’t really remember where I got it, but I remember I paid like ¥500

Grey sweater: H&M,  ¥300

Black pants: Global Work,  ¥3000 (Global Work website)

Coat: GU, ¥4000

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, bought on sale for… ¥7000!




Black sweater: Spinns, ¥800 (Spinns website)

Checkered shirt & checkered skirt: GU, ¥1490 and ¥990

Black boots: I spotted them on sale in my local Marui department store on the way to the hospital, with a fever of almost 39 degrees. They were discounted to ¥8000 from ¥17000 so I just couldn’t leave them there! Moussy (website)




/special thanks to super large fitting rooms in Forever 21/

hat: Glad News, ¥1000

neck warmer: ANAP, ¥800

unicorn sweater (I know you want it): second hand shop in Kita-Senju, ¥1800

Skinny black pants: GU, ¥1490





/it was windy as hell that day and I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba on foot, so I needed something simple and comfortable, hence this basic outfit, sorry/

Neck warmer: WEGO, ¥1800

striped dress: bought at Shillin Market in Taipei for about ¥700?



hot pink sweater: bough in a store in ALTA Shinjuku, ¥1900

black skirt: GU, ¥1200

photo 1_meitu_2


Green sweater: Spinns, ¥1600

photo 2_meitu_4


/another basic outfit, oh well/

Beige turtleneck: ANAP, ¥1400 (ANAP website)

photo 4_meitu_5


Pink sweater: bought in Hongdae in Seoul for about ¥1200

Pink boots: Jeffrey Campbell, I think I mentioned them in one of my previous lookbooks, I got them on sale for ¥14000 instead of ¥22000!

(here also wearing the Global Work pants you can see in the first photo too)

photo 4_meitu_8



/this has to be my favourite January coordinate/

Brown coat: bought in Dongdaemun in Seoul for about ¥6500

Ripped jeans: WEGO, ¥4000

(other items mentioned in photos before)

photo 5_meitu_1


As I’m posting this, Starbucks in Japan is already selling Sakura Latte. I’m so looking forward to spring! And hanami outfits of course!

Thanks for reading ♥


7 thoughts on “How to: Budget Fashion in Tokyo aka Lookbook vol. 8

  1. Thank you for sharing! I love your style, it suits you so well.

    Hah I do want your unicorn sweater! I had one I bought last year, but it got very pilly from washing and I threw it out last night. Time to find a replacement…

    I have to ask, do you keep your jacket open for the photograph and then wrap back up in it or are you comfortable keeping it open? Many times I put on my jacket and try to keep it open because it looks nicer that way and I see many other girls keep it open, but I always give in and zip up because I get too cold!

  2. I just can agree with the others 🙂 Your style is very unique and stunning. You’re always an eyecatcher!
    I have one request: It would be great if you could take some close-up shots of your outfits. For example of the shoes or the bags. Or maybe take a photo from the side? 🙂

    Goodbye from Germany!

    • Oh thank you so much 🙂 Most of the time I just try to keep it simple, that’s all^^
      I’m planning to buy a better camera soon, so I’ll try to take better outfit photos, but the problem is that I need someone to take them for me, basically I just ask a friend but not everyone knows how to take such photos… But I’ll work on it 🙂

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