‘Rabbit and grow fat’? — bunny cafe in Jiyugaoka!

In most cases, living in a rented apartment in Japan means absolutely no pets. Not only is it not allowed to have a pet in most places, most people here also lead a lifestyle that simply wouldn’t let them have enough time to take care of a fluffy creature. Although pets are actually permitted in my apartment, I simply can’t do that considering the fact that I spend most of my time outside. Sometimes I do wish I had a cute pet waiting for me to come back home, some cute ball of fur to sleep on my lap. There’s thousands of people like me here, hence the countless pet cafes! I have visited a cat cafe (of course), an owl cafe and this time I spent relaxing 30 minutes playing with other furry pets super popular in Japan — bunnies!

Ra.a.g.f ‘Rabbit and grow fat’

〒 152-0035 Tokyo, Meguro-ku, 1-26-3 Jiyugaoka 5F


(it’s actually really close to the Jiyugaoka Station, just go out the Main Exit and turn right)


It’s easy to overlook the place so watch out for the sign you see in the upper left corner!


According to their website (in Japanese) *click*, they’re closed every Thursday, so be sure to take that into account when planning your trip to Jiyugaoka!



The cafe is divided into two parts. It has only 4 tables, so I guess we were really lucky to have visited on a day when there weren’t a million other customers. The system is simple: you can choose either 1 hour or 30 minutes with the bunnies. 1 hour will cost you ¥1100 while 30 minutes is ¥600 cheaper, and was enough for us to enjoy the whole experience. You’ll also get a free drink of your choice and it will be served in the cutest cups ever!


Play time! The lovely shop staff will explain the dos and don’ts and let me tell you a few, while I still remember: 

The DOS & The DONT’S

* because of a high possibility of rabbits wanting to jump out of their cages, you shouldn’t keep the doors wide open

* you cannot take the rabbits out of their cages, you need to ask the staff first

* there can’t be more than one rabbit on the floor (unless they’re rabbits of the same sex, if I understood correctly, otherwise, you know, babies will happen)

* there’s a sign saying “Resting time” (休憩中) on some cages. If you see it, it means that it’s a siesta time for the rabbit


 I’ve always thought that rabbits don’t make the best pets, because they don’t really show… attachment? I still think that though, so I highly recommend that you get the ultimate rabbit attention grabber for as little as ¥150 — BUNNY FOOD! A little of this, and the rabbits are all yours ♥


 I admit that spending even a few minutes with animals has some sort of magical relaxing properties. The bunnies seems to be leading a great life, they can take a walk outside their cages sometimes, visitors feed them, they can poop wherever and whenever they want, what a life! Oh, let me just mention that if you have your own furry baby, but you have to go somewhere for a few days, Ra.a.g.f also functions as a rabbit hotel and they will professionally take care of your pet!



Furry babies jumping and pooping around outside their cages (that hairy carpet was not the best choice the owners could’ve made, if you ask me…) 


VivaRilakkuma, Shichijyuuni and Kitsune-kun 

↓                                  ↓                              ↓


If you’re a fan of those fluffy creatures, you can buy some lovely souvenirs here too, and you know you shouldn’t leave this lovely cafe without a photo with the lovely ladies, who run the place!


Thank you for reading and please let me know what you thought of this place if you happen to pay them a visit ♥


6 thoughts on “‘Rabbit and grow fat’? — bunny cafe in Jiyugaoka!

  1. Wow! Sooo pretty, I want to go!

    I had a pet rabbit growing up, he was seriously like my best friend/shadow. He used to sit on my feet in front of the TV, and we’d lie on the floor with our noses touching. I think if you get one with such a personality, they make the best pets (the 2nd pet rabbit I had, a few years ago actually, hated me and was like a teenager, really angry and challenging all the time…not the best little personality there perhaps?)

  2. Ahh, so cute!! I’d love to visit this one since where I grew up in Australia (Queensland) rabbits are actually banned (unless you’re a magician for some reason) so I haven’t had much contact/experience with them haha.

  3. I ended up going here when I first arrived in Japan, I thought it was cute but I thought it would have been nice if a few more rabbits were out at a time ^^

  4. Ahh! Thank you! I’m leaving Japan in April but my friend is coming to visit right before I go. Bet she’d love it here considering Rabbits are illegal in Australia.

    Ahh! Like Nicole!

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