How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 6

Japanese houses have super thin walls, one reason might have something to do with earthquakes and another reason is because of the endless hot and humid summers. It still surprises me to no end how Japanese people survive winters in their houses, where the temperature is not much higher than just being outside?! In the colder seasons your choices are: either freeze or turn on air conditioning (as Japanese houses don’t have a central heating system), get yourself a fan heater you can take with you wherever you go (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom — that’s what I do)  glue several disposable warmers on you, drink buckets of hot tea, get an electric blanket or get a kotatsu heated table thing. Whenever I say I’m cold, I get this surprised look and “But you’re from Poland? It’s cold there, isn’t it???” It really IS cold in winter, but it really doesn’t mean I am completely resistant to it in some sort of magical way. The thing is we have central heating everywhere, our houses are made of big bricks and are insulated quite well. Our clothes are completely different too, we’re prepared for -20 degrees in winter. Tokyo people are not. While it’s already the middle of December (and high school girls are still wearing extremely shorts skirts <no thighs!!!>), I will show you a few reasonably priced November outfits.

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/photo taken somehwere in Shinjuku/

White sweater: H&M, ¥1000

Jeans: ANAP, ¥2500

Platform sneakers: Jouetie, bought second hand at Jumble Store in Harajuku for¥3300

Neck warmer: WEGO, ¥1800




/photo taken in Harajuku by the lovely VivaRilakkuma/

Pink cropped sweater: Forever 21, ¥800

Black skinny pants: GU, ¥1490

Black jacket: H&M, ¥6900

Black boots: STYLENANDA, ¥4000




/photo taken in front of Cafe, Dining…and People — a cafe I wrote about →here←/

Sweater: bought in Hongdae, Seoul last year for about 15000 won = ¥1650

Jeans jacket: GU, ¥3000

Skirt: GU, ¥1200

Platform shoes: Nadia, bought at Mode OFF for ¥2000

Hat: GU, ¥150




/There was no one I could ask to take a photo of me and I didn’t really have time to take out my tripod, so for this outfit this shameless selfie is all I have/

Pink sweater: bought in Hongdae, Seoul, for 12000 won =¥1350

White skirt: Hyphen World Gallery, bought at Jumble Store for ¥500

Cherry belt: believe it or not, but I bought in the good ole’ Primark in London about 4 years ago, for £1 or £2!




/photo taken at one of my favourite places in Tokyo, Ueno Park/

Checkered shirt: GU, ¥1490

Skinny jeans: UNIQLO, ¥1990

Coat: bought in a shopping center in Dongdaemun, Seoul, for about ¥6300




/photo taken somewhere in Jiyugaoka after visiting a bunny cafe!/

Sweater: <same as in the picture nr 1>

Skirt: GU, ¥1490


Thanks for reading and I hope you stay warm ♥ 


5 thoughts on “How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 6

  1. Looking lovely as usual!

    I get the same thing because I’m from Alaska. I can’t complain about the weather without hearing, ありえない、アラスカ人なのに? But it’s so cold, I live at the top of an apartment complex with no elevator and when the wind blows, I feel the breeze inside. I am approaching the high point of kotatsu lethargy, my house is a mess but I’m too cold to care.

    Stay warm and happy holidays!

  2. I love love your 4th outfit! I’m a bit more biased towards sweet and feminine fashion, and I think you pulled it off so well with that perfectly curled hair, red lips, pastel pink sweater, and gosh, that cherry belt!

  3. Amazing outfits, as always! I actually kind of miss Japanese winters to be honest! The cold-no-matter-where-you-go thing was kind of tiring, so it’s definitely more the nostalgia of カイロ and こたつ 😛 I’ll never get over how short girls wear their school skirts… I would always see them hold their skirts when they walk up stairs etc and it’s just like what’s the point??? haha

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