November digest!

Those of you who have met me personally can confirm that one of the phrases you’ll often hear me use is: “Wait, I’ll show you, I have a photo of it”. If I ever recommend a place, an event, a shop, food or any other thing, you bet I have it photographed from all angles that exist. Thanks to that, in my previous post you could see photos I took ages ago with the good ole’ Blackberry. As I’m writing this post, I have exactly 5,351 photos on my phone…so why not use them? This is how I got the idea for this new series that will help me be even more consistent with my blog posts.

I think it might be a nice insight into my daily life in Japan and a nice change after all those lengthy, detailed posts I like so much. 🙂


 ∗Apparently, drinks and snacks are not the only things you can buy from a vending machine. Japan went one step ahead and now you can find a souvenir vending machine in Shibuya!

∗I discovered taiyaki only about a month ago and fell in love instantly. There’s nothing better than warm crispy dough with sweet bean paste filling… or any other filling I had an opportunity to try. I totally have to recommend the place I buy all my funky taiyaki from (there’s a little store in my town) →

∗ Recently, I did some Autumn cleaning and got rid of all things gathering dust. I took out these cushions on the day when household articles were to be collected, but apparently cushions fall into the ‘nonburnable’ category. The trash collecting guys left a special note on the cushions, informing me about it. How nice!

↓             ↓             ↓


∗Beautiful sky in my town. In Japan it gets dark around 4 PM, it’s rare for me to actually get off work before twilight falls.

∗Okinawan feast! It still amazes me to no end that there are actually people who don’t like Okinawan style soba. Like… Seriously, guys?!

∗Ultimate working day breakfast. Rice ball and canned coffee.

↓             ↓             ↓


∗I thought that car looked cool, so I took a photo. That would explain over 5000 pics on my phone…

∗Ultimate working day lunch.

∗Tenya! Long time no see ♥ 

↓             ↓             ↓


∗Forget Hello Kitty, I honestly think that Gudetama is waaay cuter!

∗Cafe in Kita-Senju. You know, I often carry around a textbook with me, in case I actually get any time to study. I had some time to kill and I actually studied. Wow.

∗View of the Arakawa river, on my way back from the orphanage where I volunteer. I volunteer from 19:00 to 20:30 on Fridays. I used to stay until 21:00 but since I moved further away, I have to leave earlier but I get back home around 22:00 anyway. Getting on the super crowded Joban Line on Friday night should be part of some twisted survival reality show, I swear. 

↓             ↓             ↓


∗ Hawaiian dinner! They serve awesome food, but they’re hella crowded — the place is called Mokuola.

∗I got to hang out with an idol! Her name is Tia and she’s a member of an AKB48 style idol group called P.IDL. Check out their music, if you’re into that stuff: P.IDL on YouTube

∗I got this from a 9 year-old girl and my heart melted ♥

↓             ↓             ↓


∗Supermarket pizza, -30% off the price. Not the best decision of my life and I won’t be repeating it anytime soon.

∗Thank god for Donki and the imported food they sell ♥ Funny enough, I’m not a big fan of regular chocolate, but I’m a total sucker for WHITE chocolate!

∗Socks I’ll never buy, but need to admit they’re just too adorable.

↓             ↓             ↓


∗Midtown Tower in Roppongi — there’s a clinic on the 6th floor and I can’t recommend them enough! I’ve had some health problems recently, and because the Japanese doctor I visited a few times examined me only for like 2 minutes, and when I didn’t catch what he said in Japanese and asked him to repeat, he was only like “Nevermind”, I decided to go to a better clinic, where the staff speaks English. I couldn’t have chosen better! → Tokyo Midtown Clinic

∗Tim Burton’s World — exhibition in Roppongi. I loved it.

∗Real Tokyo fashion.

↓             ↓             ↓


∗ One of the best taiyaki I’ve had so far — caramel and cornflakes ♥

∗Peko-chan’s new clothes. Peko-chan is a mascot of a bakery nearby my apartment, and she gets new clothes every time a holiday is coming. After the New Year she’ll probably wear a kimono because of Seijin no Hi — Coming of Age Day (and I’ll probably take a photo of her again)

∗ Nearby Tokyo Station. I was looking for a coffee shop, but all I found was shady girls bars. Right next to the biggest business district. Okay…

↓             ↓             ↓


∗Found at Ueno Station. How cool is that!

∗High class sushi in Nezu! 

∗Poland Film Festival in Shibuya. I overslept and because I live 47319 kilometers away from Shibuya, I coudln’t make it, to my deepest regret.

↓             ↓             ↓

photo 3 (15)_meitu_1

∗It’s kairo (disposable warmer) season again… (as I’m writing this, I have THREE kairo glued on me + fan heater on — Japanese winter is not that cold, but Japanese houses are so cold you wouldn’t believe)

∗Chika-san’s painting is now a part of the exhibition in the art museum in Ueno! (Chika-san is the lady I teach Polish to)

∗Tsukemen time! Ajitsuke tamago = marinated soft boiled egg has to be one of the best things that happened to Japanese food.

↓             ↓             ↓


∗Dill and pickles flavoured Pringles. YASSSS.

∗I decided to go half-sleeve with my right arm tattoo and on the 28th of November I had the first session. I’m recording the whole thing, so there will be a vlog coming in a few months! And if you have any questions about Japanese tattoo culture, please ask!

∗After 7 months of studying Korean, I started using the lower intermediate level textbook! Yay!

↓             ↓             ↓


That would be all for this November digest. If you have questions about anything you saw in the pics — feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email! I tried to explain what different things are, but if there’s something I omitted (because I probably took it for granted) do let me know!

Thank you for reading ♥



9 thoughts on “November digest!

  1. I also think that Gudetama is cuter than Hello Kitty :]
    And, thank you for the clinic recommendations, it’s very helpful!
    I’m a new reader and I really like your blog :]

  2. This post makes me miss Japan so much ;A;! Especially the Okinawa soba! I probably ate that everyday I was in Okinawa (that and taco rice, yum!)

  3. So awesome!
    The caramel and cornflake taiyaki sounds absolutely amazing!!
    Chika-san is very talented, both of those pictures are beautiful. How amazing.
    I’m so jealous of the pringles, they sound lush. I love the idea for your half sleeve, and I really cannot wait to see the finished product!! 😀
    Well done on the Korean! You are working so hard! Hope you’re well sweetie.

  4. Ah this post inspired an idea. I take photos of so much stuff, and every time I need to unload my poor phone, my computer cries because it has a small hard drive so I’ve resorted to sticking all my photos onto a stick drive, basically to be forgotten.

    I want to try unloading my phone every month, deleting copies because I take 1000 shots of the same thing, and then doing a monthly photo digest like this. It’s such a nice opportunity to actually use the pics that don’t make it to instagram etc.

    Loved this obviously~ Looking forward to December digest!

  5. Yeah, oh I’ve got a photo of that is one of my most common phrases too, haha.

    Great post, I really need to try that taiyaki place and the Okinawan style soba look so good!
    Definitely agree on Gudetama being cutter than Hello Kitty of course. I’m slowly but surely converting everyone I know :D.

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