Impromptu conveyor belt sushi in Omotesando!

Do Japanese people eat sushi everyday? – No.

Is sushi cheap in Japan? – Yes and no.

Is it possible to find good sushi at a cheap price? – Yes (if you’re not very picky)!

Is supermarket sushi edible? – If you like metallic taste of disappointment – yes.

Have I ever eaten expensive sushi? – Yes. 

How expensive is expensive? – For me it was 3300 yen for 11 pieces of nigirizushi for lunch. 

Was it better than cheap sushi? – We’re comparing apples and oranges here.


Sushi in Japan is considered festive food, eaten on special occasions. I have been teaching English lessons for over 2 years now and I just repeat what I’ve heard from all my students. I have taught probably well over 300 people by now. I routinely ask them “How often do you eat sushi?” – answers vary, but in 90% of cases I hear “once a month maybe…?” For Japanese people sushi = expensive sushi. Cheap sushi is a snack. I cannot imagine master Jiro Ono — the owner of Sukibayashi Jiro (3 Michelin stars!) — serving crab salad, tuna mayo, seared salmon and cheese nigiri sushi and other rather free interpretations of what sushi should be. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get a chance to try his amazing sushi worth gazillions of yen…? Well, anyway, the 10th of November was not that day.


It was rainy and gloomy that day, so when I saw colourful pieces of sushi zooming round a small conveyor belt, I thought “Why not! I haven’t had sushi in aaaages!”….

… here it is — my impromptu conveyor belt sushi adventure.


 5-8-5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001



You noticed the English text on the blackboard? Omotesando is a touristy area and I got a feeling that this place would serve touristy sushi too. There were at least 5 foreigners there, including myself, and that really doesn’t happen that often. Not everyone likes it, so I’m warning you now — in a place like this, they WILL try to speak English to you because you’re a foreigner.



(you can click on it to enlarge it)


Tuna salad

It doesn’t exactly look like a definition of scrumptious, but surprisingly it’s really delicious! Looks can be deceiving. 


Salmon roe ♥

Cheap kaitenzushi chains usually serve ‘fake’ salmon roe, you’ll know if you’re a salmon roe lover. ‘Fake’ salmon roe is too soft and watery, it doesn’t pop in your mouth. Real salmon roe is a bit hard, like tapioca and it pops when you chew it (which is somewhat satisfying… Or am I weird…)


Fatty salmon and suspicious looking green onion

All the sushi ingredients should be fresh. But then again I shouldn’t complain because this particular sushi cost like ¥130?


Crab salad

I really don’t know why I chose crab salad sushi as it’s my least favourite. I can’t even count how many times I gave crab a chance and it failed miserably.


Natto & raw quail eggs & onion

I’m a big fan of natto (fermented soybeans)! I always eat it mixed with raw egg, green onion and some other ingredients and it is really delicious, please believe me! I must share my secret recipe one day — if you dare to try it, there’s actually a pretty big chance you’ll like it!



Who doesn’t love it? Even cheap salmon is good. Not tasty salmon does not exist.


Torched salmon & onion & mayo

It’s not your usual sushi, but the salmon + onion + mayo combination is just perfect! Sometimes I’m wondering what ancient Japanese would say seeing today’s wild sushi variations though.



It’s not my usual restaurant review, since this kaitenzushi wasn’t Final Fantasy themed, had no Rilakkumas whatsoever, and didn’t even have toilet-shaped dishes. Just your usual kaitenzushi chain. The place has a great location — right on the main Omotesando street, surrounded by big brands, perfect! They have a menu in English, their staff speaks some English (and will not hesitate to use it), it’s nice and clean and everything….BUT! If you are looking for budget sushi — find Kurazushi or Sushiro. Wider selection, even lower prices and a fun ordering system. I guess they’ll be the next in line to be reviewed by!


Thanks for reading and if you happen to have visited this place, let me know what you think of it! ♥ (and any restaurant recommendations would be appreciated!)


13 thoughts on “Impromptu conveyor belt sushi in Omotesando!

  1. If you have a chance to go to Ikebukuro, I’d like to recommend Daimaru Suisan (ダイマル水産). It’s one of sushi restaurant chains from Gatten-zushi group but cheaper than regular Gatten-zushi. As a cheap sushi restaurant, it’s far better than others. 🙂

  2. Another question to add to the list above:
    “Have you ever been DARED to eat a unique type of Sushi, then won the bet, much to the surprise and disgust of your dinner companions?”

  3. Looks good! Would love to have some torched salmon right about now 😛 Although admittedly all I eat at sushi places are the salmon ones because I’m not the biggest fan of seafood ^^;

  4. I went here once years ago, so I can’t remember it that well. But at the time I thought it was a good value for the price. I don’t eat sushi so often so I don’t know how good a judge I am haha! It was great to read your review of this restaurant!

  5. That’s funny, I was there for the first time just two days before you. The touristy-ness of the place had all kinds of alarm bells going off in my head but by ordering from the menu rather than taking from the conveyor belt, it ended up being reasonable, if less exciting.

  6. I want to hear your natto recommendation. I am positive I will probably like natto when I get up the courage to try it, but I chicken out everytime because of the smell.

    Also, please do a makeup tutorial~ Your brows look so fierce and your skin is flawless! What do you do to your lashes??

    • I’m thinking of making a video-recipe of my natto meal!
      What would be better, a makeup tutorial on my blog or a vlog maybe? My skin condition is good thanks to Missha cosmetics and as for eyelashes, here I used fake lashes by Dolly Wink, nr.2 if I remember correctly 🙂

      • I look forward to it!

        And if you made a vlog introducing the products you use and how you apply them to get your going out look, that’d be really cool. Especially how you get your falsies to fit so nicely, I have terrible luck with false lashes, they never ever fit naturally so I give up.

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