How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 4 & Giveaway announcement!

I started working on the 8th of October 2012. I remember choosing a suit, I remember my first day at work. I was 22, only 4 months after graduation. Before I came to Japan I had multiple piercings and blue hair, which naturally, I had to give up on. The dress code of my company clearly states:

Women are expected to wear a dark suit (matching jacket and skirt/trousers) with a pressed collared business shirt/blouse. Any jewelry worn should be understated. Hair should be tidy. Earrings anywhere other than the ears are not acceptable. Similarly, visible tattoos are not acceptable.

  It’s the 16th of October as I’m adding this post and so guess what! This time tomorrow I will be in Korea, where I’ll spend eight awesome days traveling in Seoul and Jeju. It will be the first time since October 2012 that I won’t have to wear a suit for eight full days! You see it guys? E i g h t days! I guess it makes me more excited than it should, but I can’t help it (I had my wardrobe for Korea sorted a month ago already, that’s how completely excited I am to wear normal clothes). I will sure have a lot to post next month, but meanwhile check out my 6 rather reasonably priced outfits for September.

 You can check my previous lookbooks here:

Lookbook vol. 1

Lookbook vol. 2

 Lookbook vol. 3

Lookbook vol. 4



/photo taken before I headed out to Shinagawa to get my new visa; special thanks to my tripod for being such a good cameraman/

Top: bought at Shillin market in Taipei for 250NT = ¥880

Cardigan: bought at Zhongshan Station mall for 190NT = ¥670

Favourite ripped jeans: WEGO, about ¥4000

Shoes: Jeanasis, about ¥6000





/photo taken at Tokyo National Museum in Ueno/

Top: Wego, ¥800

Skirt: GU, ¥1200

photo 1 (13)_meitu_4




/photo taken at Akihabara/

Dress: ANAP, around ¥3000

Boots: STYLENANDA, they cost about ¥6000 BUT! This review I did on STYLENANDA’s fake tattoos and nail stickers was chosen the best review and I got a coupon for ¥2000! I used it straight away, so in fact I paid ¥4000 for nice boots YAY!

Hat: random hat shop in Shibuya 109, ¥1600. That one time I thought I’d look good in a hat… I was wrong.

photo 2 (14)_meitu_5





/photo taken in Shibuya, near Cafe, Dining and People cafe I wrote about here/

top: BOY LONDON (bought here in Tokyo for a little over ¥3000, so I can’t really be sure of its authenticity)

Jacket: GU, ¥3000

Skinny pants: probably UNIQLO,¥1998

photo 1 (13)_meitu_3





/favourite September coordinate; photo taken in Roppongi at the Polish Festival ♥/

Top: WEGO, ¥500

Shirt: Heaven and Earth, bought on sale for ¥1000

Skinny pants: GU, ¥1500






/take a look at my new fabulous header on the top of this page; photo taken in Shibuya/

Shirt: GU, ¥1500

Skirt: GU, ¥1500




Thanks for stopping by! ♥


A small announcement!

Maybe some of you remember I’ve mentioned a few times that I’d like to hold a giveaway for my readers, just to say thank you to all of you guys. I started blogging 5 months ago and I have received so many positive comments, thanks so much! All I’d like you to do is to like my FB page (that way I’ll know you really are following my blog and you’re not participating in the giveaway only for the noms) and answer this very difficult question: When did I come to Japan? You don’t need to share any photos on your timeline, just comment under the photo on my FB profile or send me a private message with the answer. You have time until the 24th of October, that’s when I’ll be back from Korea.

Shichijyuuni Blog FB page 

And this is what one lucky winner will get their hands on!

photo 1 (14)_meitu_1

Good luck!


9 thoughts on “How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 4 & Giveaway announcement!

      • Oooh really >3< but I thing You are the SUPER DUPER cute one !! really I love your style too !! I don't comment often on other blogs even when I read them (shame on me) but I really love your blog, I feel like I am traveling and it make me feel super happy and it give me some courage to fulfilled my dreams too

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