How to: Budget fashion in Tokyo aka lookbook vol. 3

I don’t have a favourite season, never really have had one. I don’t really mind the summer heat (what I DO mind though is the humidity!), autumn rain or freezing winter winds. I enjoyed wearing cropped tops and high-waisted shorts this summer, but I was equally happy to put them in my closet as the days got colder and the Seven Eleven in my neighbourhood started selling oden. Funny thing, I didn’t even own a pair of jeans when I first came to Japan. Who would have thought I’d be wearing them almost all the time two years later? You know, I used to be really self-conscious about my height, but then I came to Japan and… Well, I am not self-conscious anymore! I guess I should add that I don’t have absolutely any problem finding perfect fitting trousers here. Anyway, I’m going a bit off-topic, so let me just present you with my eight August outfits, all of them rather simple and reasonably priced.


 You can check my previous lookbooks here:

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Lookbook vol. 3




/photo taken at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, it has aquariums and stuff, a nice place for an all-day date/

Top: Topshop, ¥1400

Pants: WEGO, about ¥3800

Shoes: Jeanasis, about ¥6000




/photo taken in Shin-Okubo where I went right after applying for a visa extension/

Top: H&M, ¥700

Skirt: E Hyphen World Gallery, bought second hand at Jumble Store, ¥500






/photo taken at Zenyoji Temple/

Top: Forever 21, ¥800

High-waisted shorts: I brought them with me from the UK, I remember I got them at Primark for 10£

Favourite platforms:  (they made numerous appearances before but anyway) bought second-hand at MODE OFF, ¥2000





/photo taken at Tokyo DisneySea/

Sweater: cheap store in my town, about ¥1400

Absolutely favourite shorts I plan on wearing all seasons: Mustang, bought second hand at WEGO for about ¥2000

Super stylish Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears: Tokyo DisneySea, ¥1400 (nobody seemed to buy those, but I thought they were cute)





/photo taken in Harajuku by my friend Lena, check her awesome blog →

top: WEGO, ¥800

jeans: ANAP, ¥2500

best boots I’ve ever found at a second-hand store: Glad News, bought at Jumble Store for ¥1900





/I bought a tripod for my camera so I could take photos by myself and try doing some fancy modelling poses in front of my apartment/

top (I know everyone has it): H&M, ¥500

(I already mentioned other things in other photos’ descriptions so let’s see what’s left…) socks: GU, probably about ¥500 for 5 pairs





/photo taken at Ueno Park before heading out to Awa Odori in Koenji I will soon write about!/

dress: Murua, bought second hand for ¥1000 at Jumble Store

beloved boots: Jeffrey Campbell, ¥14000





/photo taken at Ajinomoto Stadium, before the a-nation festival, where I saw BIGBANG again♥/

black top: some random cheap clothing store in Marui in my town, about ¥300

checkered shirt: GU, ¥1490



 Did you notice one thing that was different from my earlier photos? I couldn’t stand the daily ‘hair vs humidity’ struggle, so I decided to take radical measures and straight-permed dem curls. Up to now, the best hair decision I’ve ever made.

Thank you for visiting my blog!♥


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