Emo nails and fake tattoos? Review of 3 CONCEPT EYES / STYLENANDA!

If you have been following me from the start, you’ll know at least these three things: I like make-up, I like fashion (especially fashion that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg) and that I went to South Korea last year.  What’s the connection? STYLENANDA! I discovered this brand during my stay in Seoul. I only spent 3 days there but seeing everyone dressing in the same basic way, I got an impression that Korean fashion was rather…plain? But then I found the STYLENANDA store in Myoungdong and I swear that place was packed with gems, I wish I could have taken home every single piece of clothing they had there! If you like simple but really cool fashion or you’re just looking for some fashion ideas and coordinates, be sure to check their website ♥




STYLENANDA happen to have their own cosmetic brand which is just as awesome — 3 CONCEPT EYES. Japan is a kingdom of baby pink, sparkling stuff but it’s not easy to get your hands on funkier colours like hot pink, orange, purple — stuff that looks really cool but apparently is not your usual kawaii. Luckily, there are some stores in Shin-Okubo that sell 3 CONCEPT EYES cosmetics (which gives me one more reason to go there all the time…). Selection is rather limited though, so I often order my favourites online. Some time ago, during one of my occasional online shopping sprees, I saw that STYLENANDA was looking for bloggers willing to review some stuff for them. “Will they choose me? Probably not, but heck, I’ll try!” — I thought. Well, guess what….


 …I was selected to test some products! As you can see I already have a small collection of 3CE stuff. I’d totally recommend the lip pigments and the shimmer stick. The nail polish you see was a free gift included in my recent order, how nice!



Here I used the hot pink (#ELECTRO PINK) pigment for cheeks and the orange one (#ISSUE) as a lip tint

So what will I review today? STYLENANDA sent me some rather interesting items and it was fun to test them! I got nail stickers — great thing for those who like fancy nails but don’t have much time / nail art skills / spare ¥6000  to splurge on gel nails.

Another thing I got was…fake tattoo stickers. Because I have real tattoos, it’s not a product I would buy, but I think it might be a good alternative for those who are not quite sure if they want to get inked permanently, so they can check what having tattoos would actually feel and look like.




Let’s start with the nail stickers. One sheet like this costs ¥770.



 One package includes 20 stickers in different sizes, which is actually quite nice, because you can easily find stickers that match your nail shape and size. It’s super easy to use them — just stick them to your nail, fold and get rid of the remaining part by filing it off (a small file is included).


This was the first sticker I applied, so it may not look that great…

…but I liked the final result. For a longer-lasting effect you could use a clear nail polish, but even if you don’t do that, the stickers won’t come off that easily. Personally, I think that this particular design is kind of emo, so I’d probably go with the clear ones.



And here are the sticker tattoos! As far as I know so-called “one point” tattoos are popular in Korea right now. I got a few little ones recently myself, and yes — I do plan to get some more, therefore I used these cute designs to see where I could get some new ink. One sheet like this costs 500 yen.




“Life is a long lesson in humility”

Yes, I checked — it’s a quote by Sir James Barrie, the author of Peter Pan.

Unlike I expected, there was no water involved in the process of getting this temporary tattoo. All I had to do was just peeling off the plastic sheet with the “tattoo” and put it wherever I wanted. To my surprise they were very durable and didn’t come off after a shower! When you get bored of them, just wipe them off with a make up remover (they are water resistant).


Okay…I REALLY love the way this sticker tattoo looks on my collarbone. I’ve been thinking of getting something in the exactly same spot anyway, so…should I?

It doesn’t look fake, does it?


I happen to have real heart tattoos on both forearms, but what if I had an extra one?


“Altiora petamus”?

Yup, checked this one too.“Let us seek higher things” — it happens to be a motto of the University of Salford in the UK (according to Wikipedia).


Because I have Sailor Senshi planetary symbols on my forearm, I thought that a tiny planet would look cute. I wasn’t disappointed!



I’m always super busy, not really talented in the field of nail art and I rarely get my nails done at a salon, but on the other hand I like when my hands look neat so nail stickers seem to be a nice option for me. They’re easy to apply, the whole process takes no longer than 5 minutes and they’re much cheaper than a professional manicurist. I can’t really come to work with black nails though, so I’d choose a less flashy design — luckily 3CE has a wide selection of such.

And about the fake tattoos… As you know, I’m a fan of the real thing but what I really liked about the fake ones was that I could check what I would look like with some lettering or one-point tattoos. It was fun to play with them knowing they’ll be gone whenever I decide to remove them.

These were the products I got to test and review — if they’re not really your cup of tea, no worries! 3 CONCEPT EYES / STYLENANDA have so many awesome clothes and cosmetics to offer, I really recommend visiting their website if you’re into that stuff.



And here you can watch stunning Sora and Minhee (more of Minhee actually) in STYLENANDA F/W 2014 collection teaser video. I’m going to Seoul again in October and I have a feeling that this visit will turn into one big shopping spree!


Thank you for reading!♥


9 thoughts on “Emo nails and fake tattoos? Review of 3 CONCEPT EYES / STYLENANDA!

  1. I love Stylenanda! I’ve only tried out the free nail polishes that came with my orders, but I’m quite tempted. Love the look of the collarbone tattoo, it’s somewhere I’d like to get a tattoo myself 😛

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    • Hello, some cosmetic shops in Shin-Okubo sell 3CE, K-Plaza has some for sure 🙂 *they mainly sell lipsticks though, I recommend you their online website if you want to buy things other than lipsticks, it’s really easy to order online)

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