Birthday fun times in Odaiba!

Odaiba is one of those places that even if you spent a whole week there, you’d still have a ton of stuff left to do. There’s a huge Gundam robot statue here, a miniature Statue of Liberty, really cool shopping centers (Venus Fort!), Madame Tussauds, Legoland, the world’s second biggest Ferris wheel, awesome theme parks and Showa themed shops… and a totally breathtaking view of course! It will take several posts to show you everything Odaiba has to offer, but I’ll get to that, I promise. This time I’m taking you back to the 4th of July, when I celebrated my 24th birthday (which is actually on the 3rd) with my best Japanese friends, Aya and her sister Chii (they made an appearance →here← too). If vintage game arcades, Showa period sweets and toys, haunted houses (or schools actually), awesome theme parks, takoyaki museum and poo-shaped accessories sound like your idea of fun — follow me!


To get to Odaiba, you have to go to Shimbashi Station first and then take a ride on one of the best means of transportation ever — Yurikamome! Because of the crappy weather I coudln’t really capture the beauty of Tokyo Bay you can see from the Yurikamome‘s window, but trust me — it’s beyond amazing.


The weather was as bad is it gets in the summer. Humid, cold, rainy, windy, cloudy. I’m surprised there was no typhoon just to complete this little happy list.


Decks Odaiba has gazillions of fun stuff, so the weather didn’t make this day any less fun.

Let’s go!


ハイカラ横丁 High Colour Alley

As far as I know, time machines haven’t been invented yet, but who needs one when we have Haikara Chome? If there’s something you can’t find there, it means it doesn’t exist. Sweets, toys, various characters; from Sazae-san and Ghibli characters to Pokemon and Kewpie. Ever heard of Namennayo? No? We have to fix that A-S-A-P! Read about Namennayo cats →here ←. Things you’ll find here will make you regret you weren’t born in late Showa era Japan.  There’s a mishmash of nostalgic items and totally recent ones — basically whatever floats your boat, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick it up here.

Get in touch with your inner Showa and get your dose of natsukashii.



I’m not quite sure if boob shaped stress balls were a Showa thing or not, but I’m more than sure these things float someone’s boat.

Constantly being asked out by nampa people in Shibuya? Fed up with all those modeling offers? Japanese girls faint because they can’t handle your handsomeness? Prison break was successful? Find your perfect disguise here.



“Caution: Do Not Eat This”

No sh*t, Sherlock.



一丁目プレイランド 1-Chome Playland

Okay, I won’t even bother to look for elaborate poetic comparisons here. This place is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Don’t even try to resist your inner child — just look at all this goodness.


10 yen games, vintage Cola Cola vending machines, pinball, jukebox, idols of 80’s Japan…what is there not to love?


 If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to check out this shop. One of the best things about those Showa stores in Decks Odaiba is that they’re not only fun but also dirt cheap!



お台場ストレンジ·スクール Odaiba Strange School

お化け屋敷 obakeyashiki — haunted house


Have you ever watched any Japanese horror movies? If you have, you’ll know that the idea of what is scary in Japan is quite different from what we have in the West. They will scare you to the core. You won’t find zombies or flesh eating monsters with sharp teeth. Ever seen “The Grudge”, “The Ring”, “Infection”, “Dark Water”? If your answer is YES, you’ll know that Japanese horror stories can leave you psychologically traumatized.

That one time I thought that haunted houses can’t be that scary…Well, I was wrong. This place left me screaming and shaking, nearly crying. Try it if you dare.



お台場たこ焼きミュージアム Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

 If you feel that your obakeyashiki experience was just too much for your poor heart, get your cute factor refill at Takoyaki Museum! Or just come here for the delicious noms!



昭和駅広場 Showa Station Place


You can do like a million things in Odaiba and making your own short photo story is one of them.




This place is a pure joy indeed!

something went wrong here…..⇓



So this obakeyashiki was based on a story about a doll with black eyes (or NO eyes…?). Nothing says creepy better than a black-eyed doll with long black hair. All I can say is that I promised myself not to go to any haunted house ever again.



We have all sorts of ‘wild’ over here. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can tell you that it all felt so real and that as a person with strong motion sickness, I had to sit down and take a series of deep breaths for about 15 minutes after the ride was over.



There are lots of Sonic themed attractions too. And if you’ve ever dreamt of taking a pic with Hatsune Miku — here she is!

The place has a lot of really fun rides, some of them are a tad scary, some will make you want to eject your lunch from your stomach through your mouth (okay, that was gross) but some of them will make you want to repeat the ride countless times. I’m the kind of person who is absolutely scared of horror movies, dark places, roller coasters etc. yet is  always the first to get in line for that kind of thing and most likely go five times in a row. Veil of Dark combined everything — zombies, guts, monsters, shooting, crazy roller coaster…and I regret I rode it only twice!


 Now that’s some proper selfies!


 Come to Odaiba and your dreams of turning into a cute seal will finally come true!


 It’s a pretty long post so I thought I should add a pic of a potato or something but have some birthday purikura instead! It was really difficult to choose the best bits, because honestly everything in Decks Odaiba is just plain awesome! If you like having plenty of fun this place is for you. And it definitely is a great place to celebrate your birthday!

So last month I turned 24. I live in my dream country, have an interesting job, do what I love, meet lots of lovely people. For the time being, I’m one happy individual.


Thank you for reading!♥

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6 thoughts on “Birthday fun times in Odaiba!

  1. Ahhh so much fun! It looks amazing, I’ll definitely be going there a lot.. Bye money! It’s only 10 minutes drive from our hotel too so I’ll mostly be there I guess 😛
    Glad you had such a good time, even if you did wanna puke a couple of times! You look so good on the pictures, although the seal one is weird 😛

  2. The only time I went to Odaiba was with a tour group back when I was on exchange… needless to say they didn’t choose anything nearly as fun as this :/ Definitely need to rediscover Odaiba!

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