Tattoos in Japan: Tattoo ♥ Girls vol.13

Muggy July night, 2013. I finished work at about 9 PM and went back to Kita-Senju, where I lived at that time. There was one bookstore I liked to visit. I rarely bought anything, I was just one of the many people browsing through magazines in silence. That night I saw a magazine called “Tattoo♥Girls” and naturally, it caught my eye. Well, I’m a tattooed girl, let’s check it out. I bought it, went back home and placed myself comfortably on the couch. Okay, let’s see what this magazine has to offer. My first impression? Actually…I was a bit disappointed. I imagined a magazine like some of the European ones, with beautifully styled models covered in tattoos from head to toe, posing professionally. I thought I’d find lots of ideas for half-sleeves, full body wabori designs etc. What I was looking at was a photo collection (well, locally called a mook actually, magazine + book) of girls I saw everyday. With the only difference — they had tattoos. The tattoos though… Most of the designs were tiny and hidden. Anyway, I’d like to say thank you to whoever came up with the idea to publish a magazine like this. The idea is brilliant.

photo (17)_meitu_1

I rarely saw tattooed people on the streets of Tokyo, and if that actually happened, they usually happened to be Japanese guys or foreigners. Tattooed girls in Japan — do they even exist? I am really glad I bought the magazine that night. I saw cute snapshots of Japanese girls and their lovely tattoos. Well yeah, like I said,  most of them were very small, so-called ‘one point’ tats, but each to their own right? The magazine gave me a great insight into the tattoo culture of Japan. You won’t find wabori tattoos here, no. You’ll find cats, dolls, stars, quotes, butterflies, cherry blossom petals. Lots of initials of beloved people, dates of some memorable moments, pet names, places. All kinds of lovely stuff.

I would have never thought that counting one year from that night, I would find myself on one of the pages of “Tattoo♥Girls”.




Tattoo designs: stars, cherry blossom, Sailor Moon planetary symbols, maneki neko, kokeshi

Studios where I got them: Tattoo Studio LaRuche, tattoo artist Betty; studios in Poland

“I love Japan so I got a lot of Japanese designs tattooed on my body♪ Recently I got this Sailor Moon tattoo! Looking at it takes me back to the time when I was a child. My favourite tattoo is the kokeshi one! I’m planning on adding a goldfish and a daruma tattoo to my quarter sleeve kokeshi tattoo soon!”

(let me just tell you that I’ve told them quite a lot about my tattoos, it was kind of an interview. They asked me many questions like “When did you get your first tattoo? Why? Why did you choose stars for your first tattoos?” or “What advice could you give to other girls who want to get a tattoo?” etc.)

I thought I could translate the page dedicated to LaRuche — so you could see for yourself why I chose them among others.


“Tattoo Studio LaRuche — a cozy and welcoming studio, frequently visited by girls thinking “I want to be beautiful!”.

In fact, about 80% of clients choosing LaRuche are female! In the shop we can see photos of beautiful tattoos previous customers got, showing us that every girl can be a model. What tattoo will make you shine? An exquisitely balanced tattoo created by Betty, who gets her inspirations from everything around her and who is well-aware of the anatomy of the human body — which is significant for a tattoo artist.

“The tattoo outline, the colour that matches your physique and highlights its beauty can change your attitude towards yourself, it can make you feel better” — she says.  “I think that the sense of balance is important in tattoos. In the Japanese art of tattooing, the way the customer sees the world — their point of view – is what we give our thoughts to the most”. It is not only about bringing a photo of a design you want — describe how you imagine it, tell Betty what feelings should your tattoo convey and it’ll serve as an inspiration for an original tattoo. Taking it from there, she will create a unique design only for you.

Moreover, Betty is talking about unconventional tattoos and colour combinations for those who want to express more through their tattoos: “While drawing on paper is limitless — the human body has its limits, therefore we always try to suggest unique colour gradation to make your tattoo vividly charming; using white ink we can make your tattoo so bold that it’ll seem to pop out in 3D. What is more, there are many clients who want a fashionable tattoo and of course, before we choose the right place for the tattoo we think it through very thoroughly” — the way your tattoo will cooperate with your fashion is of the highest importance here. You can also have a proper photo shoot in the studio as an added bonus! Looking at the photos, you will see very clearly how beautiful you have become. It’s an ‘if you go there once, you’ll definitely be back’  kind of studio!

You can read more about my tattoos and my experience with Tattoo Studio LaRuche →here ←

Also! If you’d like to book an appointment at LaRuche, ask them about prices, or need someone to go there with you to translate for you – please contact me!


or here

..and if you’ve ever wondered what tattoos are popular / common in Japan — here’s the answer! I shared only a few snapshots though, not to reveal too much of the magazine contents — it’s worth reading so get your own copy ASAP (if you get a chance and if you’re interested in the topic of course!). It’ll be on sale until July 2015, so you’ll have the whole year to get your hands on “Tattoo♥ Girls”!

Some common designs


My personal favourites


Tiny and cute — what most Japanese girls get inked


Thank you for reading! ♥

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12 thoughts on “Tattoos in Japan: Tattoo ♥ Girls vol.13

  1. Omg I am so going to buy that magazine when I’m in Japan. I am that kind of person that would love to get a tiny tattoo to remind me of the time I had in Japan and blabla haha xD And I like tiny tattoos more than big ones 🙂 The little sakura tattoo is lovely from the girl from tokyo i lovely ^^ I like your sleeve tattoo as well but that just wouldn’t fit my personality. It looks very good on you though.

    • yes you should check it out! and if you’d like a small tattoo to remind you of the time you spent in Japan – just do it 🙂

  2. Congratulation on your feature! I’m going to Japan soon for a week. I want to go to all the places you’ve mentioned on your blog 😀 And I’ll try to get a copy of the magazine.

    • Thank you! ❤ I started blogging so I could see comments like yours! I hope you like places I recommended 🙂

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  4. Hey!
    Loved the post! And the magazine seems really interesting.
    Do you know if i can buy it online or if it has a facebook page or something?


  5. Hi i was hoping to get a tattoo with my husband, when we come to japan in August. Which email address is to contact them and will they understand my email? Thank you

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