Traditional Japanese multi-course meal — kaiseki ryōri restaurant in Nihonbashi!

 If you didn’t know by now, what I do for a living is teach English. Not many people know that I also teach Polish on the side, though. As you may expect, there’s not much demand for Polish speakers in Japan, so I don’t have a whole lot of  students…To be perfectly honest, I only have one! It’s a lovely lady in love with Chopin and the Polish language. I have been teaching her for about one year and a half, and we have actually become good friends. She’s a native-born Tokyoite, so she really knows the best spots around the city. This time she took me to an amazing restaurant in Nihonbashi, where I had an opportunity to try kaiseki ryori for the first time! Beautifully arranged traditional Japanese food, which is a true delight to the palate? Yes, please!

日本橋 皆美 Minami (Nihonbashi)

〒103-0027 Tokyo, Chūō, Nihonbashi, 1−4−1, コレド日本橋4F

Their website:


There’s one thing you’ll notice quickly. ‘High class’ department stores and (pricey) traditional Japanese restaurants have the same kind of clientele. Apparently, Japanese seniors spend their days on what they didn’t have time for when they were working.


会席料理 kaiseki ryori is a traditional Japanese meal that consists of many small dishes. The arrangement, the order, the ingredients and even the colour… Everything is thoroughly planned and prepared with the highest precision. Historically, kaiseki ryori cuisine was associated with the imperial court, samurai,  tea ceremony — everything that is truly Japanese. And you can really taste it! Each dish seems to tell a story, flavours meld, creating the ultimate royal feast.

Okay, I ran out of grandiloquent comparisons, so just follow the photos and see for yourself!

The menu


食前酒 shokuzenshu — aperitif and 先付け sakizuke — appetizer

梅サンゲリアume sangeria ・酢味噌掛け蛍烏賊 sumisogake hotaruika   ・分葱 wakegi  ・ 海老 ebi

plum wine sangria, blue firefly squid with vinegar miso, scallion and shrimp


Soft firefly squids melt in the mouth


お椀 owan — literally “a bowl”

雲丹真丈 uni shinjou ・ 椎茸 shiitake ・ 鶴菜 tsuruna ・ 大根  daikon ・ 人参 ninjin 

Soup with a minced sea urchin ball, shiitake mushrooms, New Zealand spinach, a daikon radish and a carrot


造り tsukuri — raw seafood

 maguro ・ 勘八 kanpachi ・ 甘海老 amaebi ・ 山葵 — wasabi

Tuna, amberjack and pink shrimp sashimi with a little ball of wasabi and perilla garnish


焼き物 yakimono — flame-broiled fish

鰆のレモン焼きsawara no remon yaki ・ 桜鯛昆布〆寿司 sakuradai konbujime sushi・杏子蜜煮 anzu mitsuni・ 茗荷 myouga 

Flame-broiled Spanish mackerel with a piece of lemon, a little ball shaped sea bream sushi, apricot in honey syrup and  Japanese ginger


煮物 nimono — simmered food dish

飯蛸 iidako ・竹の子 takenoko・里芋 satoimo ・ 桜麩 sakurafu・ おくら okura

Octopus, bamboo shoots, taro root, a piece of cherry blossom shaped wheat cake and okra plant


Hidden octopus


揚げ物 agemono — fried food dish

桜海老と菜の花のかき揚げ sakuraebi to nanohana no kakiage ・ 青唐 aotou    

Sakura shrimp and broccolini tempura with a green chilli pepper on top


「家伝」鯛めし一式 kaden taimeshi isshiki — some very traditional food with about 150 years of history!

大根おろしdaikon oroshi・ 海苔 nori・ そぼろにした鯛の身 soboronishita tai no mi ・ 裏ごしした卵の黄身 uragoshishita tamago no kimi ・裏ごしした卵の白身 uragoshishita tamago no shiromi ・きざみ葱 kizami negi

 Here we go…grated radish, dried seaweed, minced sea bream, egg yolk puree, egg white puree, chopped green onion. You put a little bit of everything on rice and add a special broth to it. The outcome is like heaven to the taste buds!


お菓子と抹茶 okashi to matcha — Japanese sweets and green tea


As you may have already guessed, it is a rather pricy meal (6000 yen  ~ 15,000 yen), but it is definitely worth giving it a go, as a once-in-a-lifetime experience (or twice…or more if you like it and if your wallet doesn’t suffer too much…). Sushi, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, tempura? Cliche! Imagine telling your friends: “I had blue firefly squid in vinegar miso for lunch”. How cool is that! Besides, the restaurant itself is amazing. Absolutely scrumptious food, very relaxing atmosphere and excellent customer service.

Feast for the eyes and delight to the palate!




Thank you for reading!♥


10 thoughts on “Traditional Japanese multi-course meal — kaiseki ryōri restaurant in Nihonbashi!

    • Thank you for reading! And I have so many ideas for blog updates :3 the only problem is when do I write them all haha 😀

  1. Looks beautiful! Japan always manages to create different flavours out of something that seems so little but there is so much intricate detail into every dish.

    Nothing tastes as good as Japanese Matcha, I really miss it. The shaved ice and azuki beans also, so delicious.

    The Japanese also have a huge fondness for classical music, that’s what I found over there so Chopin was drilled into me in work.

  2. Hi Stasia, our site features the best of food & drink posts around the world and would like to seek your permission to feature a part of your post in our site. I will add in your blog post link and credit your blog as well. Hope to hear from you soon!

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