Madosh!Cafe – avocado restaurant in Omotesando

There are so many awesome places in Tokyo I’d like to show you, I really don’t know which one to choose first. This time I’m taking you to Omotesando, to a place where everything is so insanely delicious, you won’t be able to find the words to describe it. And if you love avocado, you might consider moving to Omotesando, near this place. Or moving in to the restaurant itself.

Madosh!Cafe Omotesando

Even though I rarely go back to the same restaurant twice, because I like finding new places and trying new things, every time I’m in Omotesando I end up eating some yummy avocado dish in Madosh!Cafe.

How to get there? Follow the avocados!

5-28-7 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 153-0001
Phone: 03-3400-1188
opening times: 11:30-3:00 pm 5:00-10:30 pm


If you see a Mr. Avocado & Avocado Sisters graffiti inside, you’ll know you’re in the right place.


The atmosphere is rather unique, warm and quite cozy (in a different way than and people though). Quaintly mismatched chairs and tables, a Snoopy mascot next to cocky dwarfs. Somehow I really like the hodgepodge of decorations in this place.


It might  seem that the decoration is made of the most random items the owner could ever find, but I guess there’s some concept behind all these mismatching furniture and accessories. Plastic chandelier with rabbits and squirrels, ketchup and mustard bottles with creepy faces, some mysterious football players dolls (are those sweets? toys? pens?) and Christmas tree lights…


Dwarfs giving us the middle finger (and a fax machine?)…


…a SPAM mascot, a LEGO dude figurine, a rather disturbing Bugs Bunny toy and lots of different photos, pictures, vinyl records etc. There used to be a cute pug there, sleeping in one of those empty avocado cardboard boxes, but I haven’t seen it recently.


I have come to this restaurant on numerous occasions and I noticed that it’s not that busy around 2-3 pm, but last time I went there about 7 pm and my friend and I were really lucky to get two last empty seats. Well, considering the quality of their dishes, I’m not surprised it gets so packed.



As far as I remember there is a free drink bar during lunchtime (but I wouldn’t bet my life on it, I might be thinking of some other place right now). It gets a bit more expensive during dinnertime – you have to order a drink and there’s also a seat charge to be paid (300 yen). But every cloud’s got a silver lining and thanks to that “dinnertime menu + drink” rule I have discovered a smoothie that is quite simply out of this world. They have some taco rice with avocado, deep fried avocado,  avocado shrimp, avocado curry, avocado rice bowl…

For more details about the menu, check out their website →


Some of the avocado goodness…

smoked salmon + green onion + avocado rice bowl, nachos with avocado dip you get for free (← not really sure about it though, it might be what you pay that 300 yen fee for?),  minced raw fatty tuna + green onion +avocado rice bowl — rice bowls cost about 980 yen which is not bad at all.


Here we have some taco rice with cute avocado balls for only about 1100 yen.


….and THIS smoothie! Avocado and mango smoothie with some chocolate sauce on top. I’ve been trying to find the right words to describe its heavenly taste for a long time, because delicious doesn’t even scratch the surface. Imagine a fusion of a creamy avocado with the smooth sweetness of mango, the moment it touches your taste buds you’ll forget every single darn smoothie you’ve ever had before. It’s the creamiest, the puffiest smoothie I have ever tasted. If it had cheeks, you’d want to squeeze them. It’s a bit expensive though (800 yen), but there will not be a single word of complaint here. It’s definitely more than worth its price.



The staff is really nice and they even posed with avocados for me. It kind of surprises me how nicely people react when I ask them if it’s okay to take a photo. Really, nobody minds. I always say that I have a blog and I’d like to recommend this place, and they’re like “That’s great, yeah, let’s take a pic!”. Japanese shop and restaurant customer service is second to none ♥


This place has everything it takes to be considered a good restaurant — great food, interesting interior, and considering it’s on one of the most fashionable streets in Tokyo, prices are fairly reasonable, the staff is super nice, you might even meet a cute Mr. Pug there, you’ll definitely see Mr. Avocado and his Avocado Sisters, and I’m sure that once you go there, you’ll be back.

(I want that lamp. I’m serious.)



If you’d like to try preparing some of that avocado goodness at home, check out their YouTube channel! Here’s a short video by Madosh!Cafe –  avocado horumon nabe!

Did you know…?

You may see many places selling a ホルモン鍋  (horumon nabe), and I guess that the first thing that will come to your mind will be “are they actually preparing some kind of a hormone soup or what? is it even edible?”. I was a bit confused about the word ホルモン (horumon), but my friend who’s been living in Japan for about 9 years, explained it to me and I thought I’d share!

ホルモン (horumon) is not hormone – it’s guts, entrails. It comes from the Japanese dialect version of the word 放る物 (ほるもの horumono) which means ‘toss away things’ because back in the day guts were tossed away and not eaten.  The more you know!


Thanks for stopping by♥


5 thoughts on “Madosh!Cafe – avocado restaurant in Omotesando

  1. Ahh how random, I love it!! Avocados are soo expensive here (I’m guessing they’re not cheap in Japan either), but I love em too much to live without em! Def gonna check this place out on my next Tokyo trip, thanks for the blog post! ^^ (And I totally want that avocado lamp, too!)

    • Actually, avocados are not so expensive comparing to crazy fruit prices in Japan! one avocado costs about 150 yen but one apple costs like…400 yen? Japan 😀

  2. This place sounds like heaven~ I LOVE avocados! I wish there was a similar place in Seoul. And their video is adorable haha

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